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Dissemination Planning Conferences: What makes a good event?

Notes from EDIFdefinition dissemination planning event

What makes gd event?

Before the event

Helpful directions with photos

Gd location

Civilised start and finish time to fit with travel (suggested 10.30-4) to meet needs of local/people from distance- Flexibility

Gd transport links/parking

During the event

Gd speakers/ realism

Mix of content and different activities friendly and interactive

Running workshops with taster of project Learner experience

Not too exclusive and no jargon!

Give things to people- not just tell them what we did but things they can take away and apply in their own context

Relevant - learn something Informal using entertainment to engage people

Group projects into themes Information prior to event with précis so delegates can choose most relevant

Create QR codes so people go direct to website


What makes u tell other people about it, book it AND turn up!

Issue with free events. Different people need different hooks Link to policy changes and people - if we make links for them they'll come and find out what they need to do

Great speaker and relevant - but also people don't like lots of speakers

People don't like non interactive workshops

Focus on questions/ challenges and provide some solutions

If you say you will do something you have to deliver it- if you advertise solutions must provide some

People want to take things away.

highlight Policy changes

If event is done properly 'This is what we've done and these are link to another projects'

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Happy Anticipation

I've been quiet for a got to that lull in any action research project when the input is done and the evidence is being collected, though the coaching sessions continue to happen for the next few weeks. All the high stakes anxiety of the training days was done with by March, the survey monkeys have gone chattering back into their trees (70% response rate! pretty amazing) and this week sees not only the gathering of (all the) clans in London to plan the dissemination days, but the intensive period of our qualitative research is happening too. I've been typing up some of the transcripts Hopefully we'll hear something today about the format of the final report. If it's anything like everything else has been for this project, it will have been thoughtfully produced to generate really reflective thinking. As my shoulders lower a bit, I realise I had lots of anxiety about missing learning from our project but having experienced the depth of researcher Jill's questions, that's not going to happen. She reaches the parts that others don't. So my job right now is to sit back, watch the English countryside whizz by, and really looking forward to telling the world about what we have done.
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All for one film well under way!

I have just had sneek peek at the All for One, One for All film and Ive been blown away!!! I cant wait to Showcase it at the first dissemination event! The film is a real first in our area and in relation to Equalitydefinition and Diversity it will have great sustainability  when deilvering training and tutorials within the College....whooooppp!!! (big smiley face)...Julie

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Film, Camera, Action!

Well now we are being filmed!

Community Action Derby have agreed to video the project in action. Last week they interviewed learners and filmed their I.T. session. Employers are currently arrangeing suitable times to talk about their involvement so now it is our turn - Debbie Owen ( the project manager) and I will be before the camera tomorrow. I think it is safe to say that some of us are more comfortable with this than others - however it will be excellent publicity and the learners say they found it a really positive experience.

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Reach Out Theatre Collective

The project is now on track after some initial hiccups with regard to recruitment. We are holding a 'Sprinboard Intensive' 2 day developmental workshop May 28/29. The aim is to focus on further skill development but also the performance process.. Lots of very positive support within the college and the Dissemination day in July!

Image showing a pair of Wellington boots and a sun umbrella - to symbolise the Summer


Find out more and book your place at the free EDIFdefinition projects' national dissemination event at Stratford-upon-Avon College on Wednesday 2 July 2014 at:

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Presenting our findings

Our group has got together a couple of times in the past few weeks to agree on main themes and the quotes that best illustrate them.  We identify lack of knowledge of transgender issues, well-meaning attempts to help that don't work, issues of how to be addressed (pronouns and titles), inadequate procedures, or failures to stick to them, and isolation and harassment as major themes.  The good news is that many good experiences were reported too, and things seem to be getting better the more time that goes by, according to those interviewees with a long history of dealing with transgender issues.  We are now busy working on a 3-4 minute film that will hopefully illustrate the issues, and suggest some solutions, in an entertaining and informative way. 

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Raising the Profile of LGB & T

Project coming along nicely now. We have got both of our surveys up and running ready for before and after the users have gone through the elearning training.


We are now in a position for IT Support to install our eLearning software on computers that students can access, so they can update the learning materials and make them more suitable as student learning materials.


See our project web page for the front page of our eLearning materials.

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Exciting times ahead....and a sense of relief!!

I'm slowly starting to feel the pressure lift and the project is coming together. Before the easter break we had STRIVE deliver tutorials to learners and staff about forced marriage and honour based violence. The sessions were interactive and informative and learners and staff gave very positive feedback about the awareness it created.

One learner commented, 'I never fully realised what women in some cultures have to go through'. 

Yesterday learners from our Catering department took part in the final leg of their All- For-One journey and visited food suppliers and stores on Leicesters 'Golden Mile'. I'll post pictures and feedback as they come in.

Our short film about the project is well underway. I feel like I have achieved a personal victory by securing funding to have the film subtitled. The film will be highlighted at the dissemination events.

I'm really excitied to see everyone next week at the planning meeting and also looking forward to the dissemination events to see all the great work that has been done!!!


See you all soon!


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Videos of EDIF project activity

These short videos show some of the EDIFdefinition activity taking place at the college. The courses have run before, but this time the tutors have deliberately embeded new resources aimed at developing the Equalitydefinition and Diversity competencies of everyone in the class:


  • "Stepping Stones" short course for those moving into support work.  Learners chose to role play someone with a protected characteristic different from their own and showed great empathy.


  • Access to HEdefinition presentations. For the first time, LGBT was one of the posible topics. Video shows follow-up Q&A about the open letter sent by Gigi Chao to her father.


  • "Liberated"  is one three gallery exhibitions which have reinforced what has gone on in the classroom. Three women describe their work, and then invite learners and staff to identify and bin the labels they are given but don't own.



For each activity tutors complete a template to capture the impact in class (whether positive or negative). We have also developed a questionnaire to measure the distance that these learners have travelled overall during the lifetime of the project.

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Employer engagement events

    Calling all forward thinking employers! Work for all events across Newcastle!