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Whopee! Thats the filming over!

Today Debbie ( the project manger) and I "did our bit" for the video. It was a new experience for both of us and we were both relieved when it was over!

It was really difficult to decide what we wanted to say and then do the project full justice despite our nerves. I hope we pulled it off . Truthfully neither of us are looking forward to seeing the result but feel it was necessary in order to promote our project.

I hope the learners and employers suffered less when they were filmed!


All of our learners work placements are now sorted. This has been a much slower process than we had hoped ; and we have found that matching learners to placements has been the hardest part of the process so far. We have had offers of placements that the learners felt did not feel met their goals and so have had to work hard to secure others more suitable.

Maybe in future we should concentrate on arranging placements and then interview candidate learners to match them? I am sure decisions will be made when we look more closley at our outcomes .....................

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Is there anybody there...?

Going massively online this year has helped me really think through online communities and the part we all play in them.  I would like to honour the Ancient and Honourable Pursuit of Lurking :-)  Are you a lurker?  (I sometimes am).  How does the term make you feel?  Shall we reclaim it?

More here: 

Lou x

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FREE Conference 4th July :-)

All are welcome at our **FREE** TeachDifferent 2014 conference where there will be cakes, Tree walks, sunshine and all-round joyfulness.  Sign up here:  

Would love to see some of you there x

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STAY SAFE, learner training event planned.

Coachingdefinition to engender trust. How else will our young work placement learners be honest about thier particular needs? To meet the range of employer needs, as well as a range of individual needs to be differentiated, a training event for all learners is being prepared. Probably with 'Coke& cakes' to help sweeten, a day crammed with important Health and Safety information and activities.

 With stages containing: The working enviroment, different for all, but with some generic things like, -what to do in an emergency, or who to speak to if something goes wrong. Then an initial assessment stage, to ensure all needs are fully understood and differentiated. This informs the learner's plan and work in progress, with an eye on how or what can be changed to ensure equality, whilst developing safe behaviours. The next section will be about supervision, both its importance and benefits, again this is a chance to build confidence and rapport, so that an open and transparent relationship is formed. Other outputs for the day will include how to get information Instruction and/or training. From the basics like carrying heavy items, even rushing around, to the safe use of more technical equiptment, particularly for placements in the construction industries. 

For our smaller employers, with less than five employees, and therefore unlikely to have thier own safety policy,  a section will be included called, Information, Instruction and Training which draws together the policy framework to start from for them and helps create a safer future for everyone.

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'Coming Out' 2

Transcribing three 'Coming Out' stories contributed by our learners and staff. So much honesty in these accounts which go further to underpin the reason for creating this guide as a awareness-raising tool to be used by staff with students. 

Should I incorporate an activity to link in with these stories on the broader political dimension of 'Coming Out' in addition to reflections on these individual experiences? I'm thinking in particular of the 'Outrage' campaign of recent years.

Such ponderings are all part and parcel of the final edit stage. 

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TeachDifferent Conference 2014

Our conference has food, walks, trees, thinking, lovely views, good people, rhizomes etc booking now


We'll be presenting the findings of our Diversity Programme here too - do come along if you can!  You are VERY welcome :-) 

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Havering College 2nd Creative Arts Workshop Day

The learners of Havering College and Newham 'PARIS' LGBT young people's group came together for another Creative Arts Workshop where they finished off their projects

This was the second workshop day we have held for Havering College LGBT students and ‘PARIS’ Newham LGBT young people. It was attended by 8 young people (4 college and 4 PARIS) and 6 staff members.

The previous workshop day was held on the 18th January 2014, where the young people decided what subject they wanted to focus on, with the aim of completion on the second workshop day. The young people in the computer graphics group completed their piece of work - which depicted LGBT milestones in history from the 1960’s to date – in the format of a comic page using photo’s they had taken over their 2 days spent together. The music group completed recording lyrics and poetry and were also able to use the drums, piano and mixing decks for the first time. The arts and crafts group experimented with glass painting, which none of them had done before. All of these young people discovered new tools and skills over the 2 workshop days and requested they met up for further days like this. Young people’s feedback included:

“I loved it today (especially the drums) I felt very comfortable with everybody because all of us can be ourselves”.

“I thought today went really well and I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed all of the activities and the socialising”.

“I learnt about glass painting. It was fab, new and it’s something I’d do again”.

“I enjoyed the comic strip and learning new skills”.

“It was good meeting everyone and getting involved in the music department”.

“Today was nice, I really enjoyed it!”

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final report template

Can anyone direct me to this please?



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Equalities Networks Leadership event

Looking forward to attending this event.  I have found that participation leads to knowledge development.  Like they said if you never ask, you will never if you dont attend, you wont learn much...

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Film taking shape

We're now at the stage where we've put together a basic plan of what we want our final product (three minute film) to look like.  We've provisionally called it "Dealing with transgender people: getting it right".  It's now in the hands of the "professionals" who have begun to create the actual film.  Hoping for some updates from them soon and the chance to look at how its coming along.