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The Reach Out Theatre Collective

Hello All.

It's been a hectic few weeks as the end of my term means two musicals at Level 3 and HND as Director and of course working with the Reach Out Theatre Collective a committed diverse group of young people! I am amazed at how much material has been generated by the participants and we are looking forward to the July 2nd event in SUAC and performing/workshopping the work thus far. The project has the potential for longevity post the summer months and new academic year...I am looking forward to seeing all the projects on Wednesday 25th June in Newcastle.




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Raising Awareness in Work-based Learning

Hi All


Really looking forward to the first event next week and to hearing updates about all of the exciting projects. If the blogs and homepages are anything to go by, they sound fantastic!  Despite a few last minute panics, we think we are now pretty much where we planned to be at this stage - amazing when I think back to how we all felt at the start!  We've had a few minor up and down moments, but are now very pleased with the final results.  We have even managed to add a great voice over to one of our modules so accessibility for all is definitely coming together!  See you in Newcastle.  Theresa and Catherine (Babcock)

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Belief in a Career - National Careers Service

I've been getting the resources together for the dissemination event next week. I had a very reassuring telephone discussion with Julie Sharma from Leicester College on how our projects will work together (with Pitra from Newcastle College) so that Religion, Belief and Non-Belief gets the focus it deserves.

My conclusion after working on this protected characteristic is that faith/no faith really does impact on career decision making and if we as advisers don't acknowledge that, we are really doing our customers a disservice.

I do believe that the learning journey we have been on would be just as relevant to educators and other professionals so please, do come and speak to me at the dissemination events!

You also don't want to miss Julie's project 'All For One and One For All' and Pitra's 'Canny Faces of Newcastle'.

P.S. Many thanks to Pitra for lending me a display board for next week!

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Updated page - Equal People Derby

We have updated to let you all know the progress we have made so far and how the learners feel about the project. They are looking foward to meeting some of you during the dissemination events and sharing their thoughts. (Adding the photos was a challenge for me! )

Please take a look  - thank you - and see you soon!

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It is a real pleasure and source of pride, hearing the individual successes from bothemployers and learners. Usually success comes about as a result of having overcomeparticular challenges and there have been plenty! It is clear that, not only is the immediate impact of the project measurable, with some learners already looking like going into paid employment with their employer and/or onto apprenticeships, but how the programhas really helped give young people with a disability or difficulty a firm career foundation; allowing access to future opportunity within their chosen field,which would otherwise have been impossible.

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LGBT Safety website

The website is up and running. Would love some more feedback


Additional resources put into adding subtitles to videos from a Trans perspective


Info on peer mentoring to follow

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Project Report Updates

Updated our project page with our project report.  Some good results starting to emerge around the performance of some protected groups.  Looking forward to the dissemination events.


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Film nearly complete - audio sounds great in my humble opinion :-)

Two of our project participants met up with the film maker at the start of last week, as planned, and all the audio for the film was recorded and a few changes to the running order made to improve the "flow".  I think it sounds great and gets across the main points very well.  It seems like everyone else is pleased too.  Just some remaining work to be done in relation to music and imagery and we are all done in terms of the film. 

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Project report updates

Please see our home page, our project report is now being updated with further information relating to the methodology of the project.

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Mainstream vocational staff and autism


As part of developing the online training resource for this project, we conducted a survey of mainstream vocational staff at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College. It consisted of two components: a series of on-site interviews with staff and an online questionnaire.


The purpose of the survey was to gain a better understanding of current practice around autism and awareness of the condition among managers and tutors. By collecting this information, we would be better placed to design a resource addressing the training needs of mainstream vocational staff across the country. 


Some our key findings were: