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Working with learners with autism to develop the training resource

One of the most exciting aspects of this project was interviewing staff and learners at the college.  This has really helped inform the training resource that we are close to completing.  The other exciting aspect was the process of developing the one page profiles with learners and sharing them with staff for comment. Looking forward to the disemmination events.

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Raising the profile of LGBT - Project update

Our Promotional video for the dissemination events has now gone live, it can be viewed on our Webpage at:-

Raising the Profile of LGB&T groups of people

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In the news - twice!

Our project has made a couple of appearances in the local press now :)

Escape your life's stresses 

Community Pride nomination

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Ready to start recording

We've now got a full, final script for the film ready, and our interviewers and interviewees are coming in to do voiceover work with the filmmaker tomorrow morning!

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Ready to start recording

We've now got a full, final script for the film ready, and our interviewers and interviewees are coming in to do voiceover work with the filmmaker tomorrow morning!

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Belief in a Career - National Careers Service

I had a fascinating discussion with a National Careers Adviser based in South London who identifies himself as a Christian.

He told me:

'My belief in the Bible and in God does have an impact on the way I deliver the service because I believe in going the extra mile and just really trying as much as possible to give the clients the best. I put myself in their shoes because that's what God would expect of me.'

He then told me about his experiences advising customers of various faiths including a Muslim who refused to apply for a 24+ Adult Learning Loan because it went against his faith. The adviser said to me:

'I found that very intriguing but I respected him because he wouldn't compromise his faith.'

The adviser gave another interesting example of a customer who wanted to be a medium. He said:

'I thought ok, so what does it take to be a medium? She was educating me. She worked under a medium in another country- I can't talk her out of it as that's what she wants to do. It's just understanding that people have a faith and respecting that.'

He added:

'I couldn't find any medium courses!'

I have written up our discussion and it will be presented alongside other case studies in our adviser guide. I have really enjoyed getting different perspectives from advisers, customers and employers on this rich topic.

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Dissemination from a suitcase

Had great fun creating this installation for the dissemination events which literally fits in a suitcase:

Fircroft installation for dissemination


Colleagues here are slightly sceptical and it doesn't look very professional. Hopefully that means guests will be comfortable collaborating and adding to it. It gives a visual and colourful introduction to what have ended up as the 3 key elements of our project:

  • defining the skills required to function around Equalitydefinition and Diversity (hence the everyday objects)
  • discrete and embedded activity to develop these skills (represented by the rainbow stands of activity)
  • a new way of measuring this development of attitudes and behaviour (the tape measure)

We'll have 1000 cards to give away with a QR link to our toolkit pages which will be structured to reflect the same key elements. Use your events requirement form to share a room with this work of art, or to distance yourself as far away as possible!

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An update

You may remember Aqeel, the young former Iranian asylum seeker who was recently been granted indefinite leave to remain in this country and the multi-faceted approach that was adopted in order for him to start an achievable learning journey.  I thought you might be interested in learning about what happened next. (In truth I thought I'd told everyone about this already when I posted an earlier blog, but it now turns out that I must have not pressed the right button !Frown)


Anyhow, since we first started working with Aqeel he has gone from strength to strength.

One of the barriers Aqeel faced was a very limited level of English. He was put in contact with a local organisation which not only were able to provide a social environment but also some translators who enabled Aqeel to have conversations, albeit through a third party, and discuss his future. We talked about his interests, likes and dislikes and hopes for the future we agreed a plan of action.

The conversations also revealed more about  the life that Aqeel had escaped from, experiences, which thankfully, no one in this country is ever likely to witness. This gave an important insight into understanding how best Aqeel could move on to his learning journey and make adjustments to take into account his past trauma.

A few months on Aqeel has turned out to be an enthusiastic and capable learner; he is gaining in confidence, he has broadened his social circle, is starting to meet other leaners and (probably more importanly of all) he now laughs.

The improvement in Aqeel's English and his new level of confidence has resulted in him looking at further education options with possible college courses in IT.

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Equalities Networks – Leadership and business planning workshop

This event was fab.  2 full fab days!  If you missed missed vital info days.  Make sure you book your place for the next event.  See you soon.