Glossary beginning with Y

YJBsearch for term
Youth Justice Board – is part of the criminal justice system and is responsible for all under-18s in the criminal justice system. It commissions and purchases all places in YOIs for under-18s. It does this within the context of the overarching principal aim of the youth justice system, 'to prevent offending by young people'.
YOIsearch for term
Young Offenders’ Institution – part of the prison service with responsibility for the custody of 15- to 20-year-olds sentenced or remanded, by the courts. YOIs aim to help young offenders prepare for their return to the outside community, which includes access to and continuation of their education/employment during and after custody. Research evidence that suggests that significant numbers of young people in custody have mental health difficulties and would be better supported outside of prison (Bradley, 2009)
YOTsearch for term
Youth Offending Team – is a cross-sector multidisciplinary team that is part of the Youth Justice Board. YOTs aim is to prevent children and young people from offending and to ensure appropriate assessment, intervention and rehabilitation for children and young people in contact with the criminal justice system. Research suggests that participation in education, training and employment is a key protective factor in preventing offending and re-offending behaviour.
YPsearch for term
Slang shorthand term used to refer to Young Offenders’ Institutions/Prisons.
YPLAsearch for term
The Young People's Learning Agency - one of the national successor agency to the Learning and Skills Council – champions young people by providing financial support to young learners, by funding Academies for all their provision and by supporting local authorities to commission suitable education and training opportunities for all 16-19 year olds. The YPLAdefinition is part of the Department for Education.