Glossary beginning with T

TaMHSsearch for term
Targeted Mental Health in Schools Programme – a three-year pathfinder programme, which began in April 2008. The programme involves 25 pathfinder local authorities and their associated PCTs. The aim is to develop innovative models of therapeutic and holistic mental health support in schools for children and young people aged five to 13 at risk of, and/or experiencing, mental health problems; and their families.
Third Sectorsearch for term
A collective term used by governments to describe non public private organisations that are motivated by a desire to further social, environmental or cultural objectives rather than to make a profit. They include national and local charities, development trusts, social enterprises volunteer-involving organisations; local community voluntary groups, voluntary organisations and trade unions.
Transgendersearch for term
The term transgender includes the broad range of people who all experience atypical gender identity development but the way they express their gender roles may vary widely. Some need to express an alternative gender role only occasionally. A relatively small number of others experience transsexualism, which is the overwhelming need to transition to live permanently in the role that conforms to their innate gender identities. GIRESdefinition, for example, uses the term “trans” to describe those who are undergoing or have undergone transition. An individual transitioning from the male to the female role would thus be a trans woman, and one transitioning from female to male role would be a trans man. After transition, many of these individuals prefer to be and, therefore, should be, regarded simply as men and women. Transgenderism has had different meanings over time, and in different societies. Currently, it is used as an inclusive term describing all those whose gender expression falls outside the typical gender norms; for example, those who cross-dress intermittently for a variety of reasons including erotic factors (transvestism), as well as those who live continuously outside gender norms, sometimes with, and sometimes without, medical intervention. Source: Gires website
Transitionsearch for term
Transitiondefinition is the term used to describe the point at which a transgender person makes a permanent change of gender role in all spheres of life—in the family, at work, in leisure pursuits and in society genrally. Some people make this change gradually, however, others emerge overnight. Source:
Transsexual personsearch for term
Refers to a person who has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment. This may be a woman who has transitioned or is transitioning to be a man, or a man who has transitioned or is transitioning to be a woman. The law does not require a person to undergo a medical procedure to be recognised as a transsexual, Source: EHRCdefinition glossary of terms,
TSNLAsearch for term
The Third Sectordefinition National Learning Alliance (TSNLAdefinition) is a membership organisation that is a national alliance of voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises involved in learning and skills. TSNLA promotes the work of third sector organisations providing learning and skills by: - acting as a ‘voice’ for third sector providers; - enabling the exchange of information and good practice; - promoting and advancing third sector learning provision; and - promoting and disseminating research into learning and skills provided by the third sector. Source for this entry: Excellence Gateway, February 2012 Website:
TTPsearch for term
Our own shorthand for the Take Ten People project and resources
Two Ticks' Symbolsearch for term
A sign awarded by Jobcentre Plus to employers who are positive about employing disabled people and are committed to emply, keep and develop disabled staff. Source: EHRCdefinition glossary of terms,