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14-19 Partnershipsearch for term
14-19 Partnerships are partnerships formed between schools, work-based learning providers, colleges and other stakeholders to collaboratively plan and provide the full 14-19 offer.
157 Groupsearch for term
The 157 Groupdefinition represents 27 of the most influential colleges in the FEdefinition sector. It was formed in 2006 in response to paragraph 157 of Sir Andrew Foster's report on the future of further education colleges, in which he argued that principals of large successful colleges should play a greater role in policymaking. The 157 Group aims to apply its collective wealth of experience and expertise to lead capacity building and self-improvement in colleges and the sector, within a sector-led and sector-owned future. The 157 Group of Colleges produce case studies to showcase effective and best practice. Source: Excellence Gateway Feb 2012 Website: