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Pitching to JCP Advisors

To launch the Style Up project, a team of 3 Project Co-ordinators will pitch the idea to Job Centre Plus Advisors, with the aim of getting them onboard and providing referrals to the scheme. 


Posters have been designed to advertise the scheme and will be given to both individual advisors as well as advertised around the JCPdefinition building.

JCP have been very helpful by giving us a dedicated member of staff to take ownership of referrals.  In order to help JCP monitor how well the referrals are working, they have a dedicated reference number which will be used against all individuals that apply for the scheme.   This will help them with their follow ups.  To help JCP,  we have included this reference number on the posters, which we hope will improve data collection all round. 

Reach Out Theatre Collective

The project is now gaining pace and getting off the ground! Open evenings, recruitment and marketing are swinging into action and a buzz about the possibilities of the multi-ethnic theatre company is circulating. Still lots to do but it's great to see the plans now being actioned. Certainly the theatre company start - up date is on track and it's going to be an interesting few weeks. Facebook and Twitter will be used as part of the recruitment drive and I am now in the process of recruiting student ambassadors to 'spread the word' and be an integral part of the marketing push. Carol Harvey-Barnes

Educate Out Prejudice officially launched at Morley College

Morley College is using today as the opportunity to launch its EDIFdefinition project Educate Out Prejudicedefinition 

November 18th 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the repeal of Section 28, the law which banned the ‘promotion’ and ‘publication’ of anything supporting a LGBT ‘pretend lifestyle’.

See School-Out for more Information:

Educate Out Prejudice is a new project which aims to offer practical solutions to support the inclusion of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgenderdefinition) themes into adult learning. It is funded by NIACEdefinition’s Equalitydefinition & Diversity Innovation Fund.

See also Morley College’s Project Page:

Making Progress

We are slowly getting everything together.

The Yammer-based online steering group is proving invaluable for generating ideas.  The researcher is putting together some robust tools and I'm getting on with planning the training days, the first of which is fully subscribed.  The coaches meet on Friday and we're discussing jelly babies.  The only part of the complex weave I've not given thought to yet are the online materials, which I had in mind as being prompts for thinking, but a timely LinkedIn link from a colleague is giving me some great food for thought...

Hope everyone else is enjoying their project as much as we are!


Reach Out Theatre Collective - Stratford upon Avon College

My first blog on the site! I am excited to report that the project is now finding it's feet and that marketing and recruitment of participants is now taking shape! Exciting times ahead...Carol Harvey-Barnes
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