Glossary beginning with O

OCDsearch for term
Obsessive compulsive disorder – a mental health condition that is usually associated with obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviour
ODIsearch for term
The Office for Disabilitydefinition is part of the Department for Work and Pensions and leads the government’s vision of achieving equality for disabled people. It does this by supporting civil servants to include and represent disabled people in their work. It also provides strategic advice and shares tools.
OECDsearch for term
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Offenders with mental health difficultiessearch for term
People “…who come into contact with the criminal justice system because they have committed, or are suspected of committing, a criminal offence, and who may be acutely or chronically mentally ill… It also includes those in whom a degree of mental disturbance is recognised, even though it may not be severe enough to bring it within the criteria laid down by the Mental Health Act 1983 (now 2007)” (DHdefinition, 2009).
OFSTEDsearch for term
Office for Standards in Education – government body launched in 2007 that is responsible for the regulation and inspection of learning, including further education provision.
OLASSsearch for term
Offender Learning and Skills Service (part of the SFA and therefore BISdefinition) is responsible for planning and funding education and vocational training delivered in prisons and for offenders in the community. OLASSdefinition went live across England on 31 July 2006.
ONSsearch for term
[Government] Office for National Statistics