Glossary beginning with L

LANDEXsearch for term
Land based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence (LANDEXdefinition) is a subscriber organisation with 37 member Colleges and Universities in England and 6 Associate Members in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To qualify for membership the provider must deliver significant volumes of education and training in at least six land based occupational areas, engage in an annual peer review process that confirms that standards exceed the Landex quality threshold, be appropriately resourced and operate a commercial scale agriculture and/or horticulture enterprise. Source for this entry= Excellence Gateway February 2012 Website:
LDsearch for term
Learning disability/disabilities. Abbreviation used by the health and social care sector.
LEAsearch for term
The Local Education Authority is the part of a local authority that is responsible for education.
Learner panelsearch for term
The Learner Panel is an online facility which is managed by the YPLAdefinition and co-funded with the Skills Funding Agency and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BISdefinition) to help the FEdefinition sector improve their access to learners for conducting quantitative and qualitative research. The panel is comprised of people aged 14+ enrolled at schools, colleges and training providers in England (source
LGAsearch for term
The Local Government Association is a voluntary lobbying organisations acting to advance the interests of local authorities in England and Wales. It is an authoritative and effective advocate for local government and acts as the voice for the sector.
LGBTQI+search for term
LGB is an abbreviation used to refer to people who are ‘Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual’. Although gender identity is a different and separate protected characteristic the acronym LGBT is often used to refer to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender. Although LGB&T is commonly seen, for reasons of accessibility for people who use screen readers/voice over, here on the equalitiestoolkit website we avoid using an ampersand between 'LGB' and 'T'. The addition of 'Q' to the abbreviation makes it more explicitly inclusive of people who identify as 'Queer' The addition of 'I' to the abbreviation is used to refer to people who are lesbian or gay or bisexual and or transgender or queer or intersex. The addition of '+' to the abbreviation is to signal inclusion of other preferred expression of gender identities, e.g. 'non-binary' Sometimes people prefer/use the abbreviation LGBTU (whereby 'u' refers to being undecided') to include people who may be uncertain.
LINkssearch for term
Local Involvement Networks (LINksdefinition) are individuals and groups from across the community who are funded and supported to hold local health and social care services to account
LLDDsearch for term
Learners with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities. Abbreviation used by the learning and skills sector.
LLUKsearch for term
Lifelong Learning UK – the sector skills council that is responsible for the professional development of staff working in lifelong learning.
LSCsearch for term
The Learning and Skills Council - was the government agency responsible (until 31 March 2010) for planning and funding of post-16 education provision in England.. Its responsibilities passed to the Skills Funding Agency, Young People's Learning Agency and local authorities.
LSISsearch for term
Learning and Skills Improvement Service – supports excellence in the learning and skills sector, it works to build the sector’s own capacity to design, commission and deliver improvement and strategic change.
LSNsearch for term
Learning and Skills Network – a not for profit organisation that provides consultancy, research, training, and outsourcing services to the further and higher works education, schools and local government sectors.
LTCsearch for term
Long-term (physical health) condition Source: DHdefinition (2011) No health without mental health: A cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages. London: DH.