Glossary beginning with I

I&DeAsearch for term
Local Government Improvement and Development Agency
IACLsearch for term
Informal Adult and Community Learning - the new (2011) term to describe the informal adult learning provision/offer (effectively what was previously PCDLdefinition or Personal and Community Development Learning).
IAGsearch for term
Information, advice and guidance services enable people to make learning and career decisions that are right for them. Services are delivered by a wide range of employment and learning and skills providers, such as Connexionsdefinition (for young people), Next Step and Learndirect (for adults). In 2012 a new 'all age careers service' is proposed.
IAPTsearch for term
Improving Access to Psychological Therapies – a Department of Health programme to implement the NICEdefinition guidelines for depression and anxiety disorders. IAPTdefinition offers people either a high intensity evidence based one to one form of CBTdefinition or low intensity support which may include grouo counselling and vocational advice and support.
IBsearch for term
Incapacity Benefit – a welfare benefit previously payable to people of working age who were unable to work because of illness or disability and who were not eligible for statutory sick pay. Since 2008, IBdefinition has been replaced by ESAdefinition for new claimants and the migration of existing IB claimants onto ESA is in process.
ICTsearch for term
Information Communication Technology – the combination of computing and communication technologies, which includes computer networks, telephone systems and the internet
IESsearch for term
Integrated employment and skills – the Leitch Review of Skills (HM Treasury, 2006) identified the need to bringing together employment and skills services in order that they are more responsive to the employment and skills needs of individuals and employers, which in turn would deliver the twin goals of full employment and the UK’s ability to compete in the global economy. At the government level, the creation of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is an example of the integration of employment and skills.
IfLsearch for term
The Institute for Learning. The professional body for teachers and trainers in the Learning and Skills sector. As part of its role in ensuring an expert FEdefinition worksforce, IfLdefinition IfL is responsible for: - registering teachers and trainers in FE and skills - keeping an overview of teachers’continuing professional development (CPDdefinition) - conferring the professional status of Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) and Associate Teacher Learning and Skills (ATLS) Source: Excellence Gateway, February 2012 Website:
IIFMsearch for term
The NIACEdefinition 'Is it for me?' project aimed to empower people with mental health difficulties who are eligible to receive social care to make informed decisions about Direct Payments. The project produced an accredited course, I’ll give it a go (IGIAG) to empower people with mental health difficulties who are eligible to receive social care to make informed decisions about Direct Payments
Incidencesearch for term
The number of new 'cases' of a disease or disorder that develop in a population during a specific period of time
Indirect discriminationsearch for term
The use of an apparently neutral practice, provision or criterion which puts people with a particular protected characteristic at a disadvantage compared with others who do not share that characteristic , and applying the practice, provision or criterion cannot be objectively justified. It includes practices which might look fair but which have discriminatory side effects. Source: EHRCdefinition glossary of terms,
Instruction to discriminatesearch for term
When someone who is in a position to do so instructs another to discriminate against a third party. For example, if a GPdefinition instructed her receptionist not to register anyone who might need help from an interpreter, this would amount to an instruction to discriminate. Source: EHRCdefinition glossary of terms,
IPPRsearch for term
Institute for Public Policy Research
IPSsearch for term
Individual Placement and Support – an evidence based approach to employment support that helps people with serious mental health conditions to get and keep mainstream competitive employment.
ISCRIsearch for term
The International School for Communities, Rights and Inclusion (ISCRIdefinition), Inclusion Institute at the University of Central Lancashire – which is taking forward the work of the cross-government National Social Inclusion Programme as a centre of excellence for learning, evidence, innovation and practice on inclusion in the context of both personalisation and sustainable, engaged communities. ISCRI became a partner in the NIACEdefinition/LSCdefinition mental health partnership programme in April 2009.