Glossary beginning with H

Harasssearch for term
To behave towards someone in a way that violates their dignity, or creates a degrading, humiliating, hostile, intimidating or offensive environment. Source: EHRCdefinition glossary of terms,
HEsearch for term
Higher education - usually degree level (level 4) and above education funded through the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFC). Qualifications are accredited by a university but learning can include access courses, take place in the workplace and some FEdefinition provision may be delivered in HE and vice versa.
Health and Social Care Servicessearch for term
Refers here, to all providers (whether statutory, third sector or independent private) of primary and secondary mental health services and social and community care for people who have mental health difficulties. Mental healthdefinition services aim to improve not only a person’s clinical condition but also their quality of life (DHdefinition, 2009).
Health Premiumsearch for term
A component of the new funding mechanism for public health, introduced by the Coalition Government in December 2010, that will reflect deprivation and reward progress against health improvement outcomes in local areas. Source: DHdefinition (2011) No health without mental health: A cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages. London: DH.
HOLEXsearch for term
HOLEXdefinition, the national network of local adult learning providers, is the sector membership body for local authority adult and community learning services, independent ‘former external institutions’ and ‘specialist designated institutions’. Source: Excellence Gateway, February 2012
HoNOSsearch for term
The most widely used routine clinical outcome measure employed by English mental health services, these scales measure behaviour, impairment, symptoms and social functioning. They form part of the English Mental Health Minimum Datasetdefinition. Source: DHdefinition (2011) No health without mental health: A cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages. London: DH.
HSEsearch for term
The health and safety executive
Human rightssearch for term
Human rightsdefinition are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world.Ideas about human rights have evolved over many centuries. But they achieved strong international support following the Holocaust and World War II. To protect future generations from a repeat of these horrors, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. For the first time, the Universal Declaration set out the fundamental rights and freedoms shared by all human beings. Source: EHRCdefinition website:
HWWBssearch for term
Health Work and Well-Being Co-ordinators – created to support delivery of the Government’s mental health and Employmentdefinition Strategy, Working our Way to better mental health: a framework for action (DWPdefinition, 2009). They work at a local level to promote action on the Health, Work and Well-being agenda, and network nationally to share best practice (Department of Health, 2009).