Glossary beginning with C

CABsearch for term
Citizens Advice Bureau
CAMHSsearch for term
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Care Co-ordinatorsearch for term
An identified mental health professional responsible for co-ordinating care of a mental health service user (it may be a nurse, OT or sometimes an unqualified team member)
Care Packagesearch for term
Following an assessment, a care package is agreed to enable a patient to receive care appropriate to their needs. Where necessary this covers both NHSdefinition and social care.
Care Packagesearch for term
Following an assessment, a care package is agreed to enable someone to receive care appropriate to their needs. Where necessary this covers both NHSdefinition and social care.
Care Pathwaysearch for term
A pre-determined plan of care for patients with a specific condition
Care Pathwaysearch for term
A pre-determined plan of care for patients with a specific condition, in mental health care pathways will ideally include employment/learning and skills.
Care Trustssearch for term
Organisations working in both health and social care offering either social care, mental health services or primary care services.
Caste discriminationsearch for term
Discriminationdefinition against an individual or group of people on the basis of a social structure in which classes are determined by heredity, profession or wealth. The current definition of race in section 9 of the Equalitydefinition Act 2010 refers only to colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins. Section 9 (5) of the 2010 Act gives Ministers the power to add caste as an aspect of race, through secondary legislation. In a written ministerial statement published on 1 March this year the government stated that it would not extend protection under the 2010 Act to caste, preferring to deal with the issue informally through an educational programme. However, following strong lobbying, the Government changed position. The wording of section 9(5) of the 2010 Act will be changed from 'the Minister may...' to 'the Minister must...' , meaning protection against caste discrimination will be added to the Equality Act. The new amendment includes a power for the Minister to review implementation of the provision after at least five years, and amend or repeal the provision on the basis of this review. Note: (Source:
Caste systemsearch for term
A social structure in which social class is determined by heredity, profession or wealth.
CBIsearch for term
Confederation of British Industry - leading lobbying organisation for UK business on national and international issues. It works with the UK government, international legislators and policy-makers to help businesses compete effectively.
CBTsearch for term
Cognitive behavioural therapy
CCsearch for term
Abbreviation currently (2011) being used in some Government documents to refer to a Coalition [Government] commitment
CDWssearch for term
Community Development Workers
CETTSsearch for term
Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training
CJSsearch for term
Criminal Justice System – is overseen by three government departments: the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office and the Attorney General's Office. It includes a wide number of agencies working together to deliver what is known as criminal justice, including the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts and the National Offender Management Service (covering the prison and probation service).
Classsearch for term
A group of people thought of as 'a unit' by virtue of the fact that they are similar in terms of social or economic factors.
CLGsearch for term
Government department for Communities and Local Government
CMHTsearch for term
Community mental health team – a multidisciplinary team of mental health workers that work with people outside of hospital
CMPsearch for term
Condition Management Programme
Coachingsearch for term
Normally a one-to-one or small group activity which involves a tutor in a close observation of a learner’s performance and giving advice and guidance
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)search for term
A form of talking therapy that that aims to help people, with for example depression and /or anxiety to manage their problems by combining working to change a client’s thoughts (cognition) and what they do (behaviour) which can help them to feel better about life.
Command Paperssearch for term
Papers of interest to Parliament such as White Papers, consultation documents and certain departmental reports or reviews.
Commissioningsearch for term
The process of assessing the needs of a local population and putting in place services to meet those needs. Source: DHdefinition (2011) No health without mental health: A cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages. London: DH.
Community Caresearch for term
Care provided by social services departments and the NHSdefinition to assist people in their day to day living.
Comparatorsearch for term
A person with whom a claimant under the equalities legislation, compares themselves to establish less favourable treatment in a discrimination case. Source: EHRCdefinition glossary of terms,
Conceptual frameworksearch for term
This is a socially constructed set of basic beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions that shapes and reflects how one views oneself and others. The diagram on the MHFEdefinition home page illustrates the conceptual framework that underpins our approach to mental health and learning and skills. It is intended to show that interdependent understandings and action are required at several different levels in order to realise the goals of achieving social inclusion and better outcomes in learning and skills for people who have experience of mental health difficulties. It: has at its centre the experiences and aspirations of individuals; values learner involvement highly; provides information and resources to help providers create inclusive learning environments and experiences in which practitioners feel confident in working with people who have mental health difficulties; it recognises the need for support for the sector and its workforce and supports collaborative local working and the translation of policy into practice in order to enable services to respond better to and enable through employment, learning and skills, people with mental health difficulties to be included by and contribute to their families, local communities and our wider society.
Connexionssearch for term
Connexionsdefinition is an advice service for 13- to 19-year-olds (13- to 25-year-olds if they have learning difficulties or disabilities) in England. It supports their transition to adulthood and working life by bringing together all the services and support they need in areas such as careers, health, housing and education.
Contact hourssearch for term
Identifies the number of hours allocated for delivery of a programme of learning/study/a course. It includes 'taught' hours including group and one to one tutorials
COVERsearch for term
Community and Voluntary Forum Eastern Region
CPAsearch for term
Care Programme Approach – the care planning system that is used for all service users who are in contact with specialist mental health services
CPDsearch for term
Continuing professional development
CPNsearch for term
Community psychiatric nurse – psychiatric nurses are now called mental health nurses, but the old terminology of psychiatric nurse and CPNdefinition is also still commonly used.
CQC (Care Quality Commission)search for term
Is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. It regulates care provided by the NHSdefinition, local authorities, private companies and voluntary organisations. The CQC brought together the work of the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI), the Healthcare Commission and the Mental Health Act Commission, in 2009. Source: DHdefinition (2011) No health without mental health: A cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages. London: DH.
Crisis Resolution Teamsearch for term
A specialist mental health team that provides intensive support for people with severe mental illness to help them through periods of crisis.
CSIPsearch for term
Care Services Improvement Programme was an arms-reach agency of the Department of Health in each of the English regions from 2005 to 2008/9. CSIPdefinition was launched in 2005 with a budget of £39m from the DHdefinition to support the local delivery of health and social care policy in England. Initially it oversaw seven social care and health programmes, including the National Institute for Mental Health in England (NIMHEdefinition). From December 2008, CSIP’s programmes became the direct responsibility of DH national programme leads and the new deputy regional directors for social care and partnerships. You will find that many still-relevant documents will have been authored/published by CSIP and can be found on the NMHDUdefinition website.
CTBsearch for term
Council Tax Benefit
CTLLSsearch for term
Acronym for the Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector
CTOsearch for term
Community Treatment Order – the 2007 Mental Health Act, which became law in July 2007, introduced some changes to the existing 1983 Mental Health Act: in particular, a new power of supervised community treatment.