Glossary beginning with B

Basic Skillssearch for term
Basic Skillsdefinition can be defined as 'the ability to read, write and speak in English and use mathematics at a level necessary to function and progress at work and in society in general'.
Benchmarkingsearch for term
Process that helps practitioners to take a structured approach to share, compare, identify and develop the best practice (DHdefinition, 2009)
BERRsearch for term
The Government Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
Bipolar disordersearch for term
A severe mental illness with a long course, usually characterised by episodes of depressed mood alternating with episodes of elated mood and increased activity (mania or hypomania). However, for many people the predominant experience is of low mood. In its more severe forms, bipolar disorder is associated with significant impairment of personal and social functioning. Source: DHdefinition (2011) No health without mental health: A cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages. London: DH.
BISsearch for term
The government department of Business, Innovation and Skills. Its responsibilities include post-16 education and training including higher education. The Skills Funding Agency and the National Apprenticeship Service are agencies of BISdefinition.
Black and Minority Ethnicsearch for term
Use of the term Black and Minority Ethnicdefinition on this site is underpinned by our recognition that this term is socially constructed and imperfect. We acknowledge the inherent danger that use of this term can serve to homogenise different groups and different experiences. We also recognise and respect that many people described by others as being of Black or Minority Ethnic origin do not themselves identify with the term or find it inadequate, and that this may include the Black ‘British’ community whose differences are often overstated and people who identify as mixed race and may rightly be unhappy at being expected to choose one racial identity to the exclusion of another.
BLIsearch for term
The Black Leadership Initiative® (BLIdefinition) was established in 2002 following the publication of the report of the Commission for Black Staff in Further Education. Its brief was to introduce practical measures that would improve the career development opportunities for BAME staff and managers. For more information, see:
BMEsearch for term
Acronym for Black and minority ethnic. Given UK demography BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) is often more accurate and preferred by those groups that might be included/referred to when using this term.
BoT2search for term
Back on Track2 – a 2009/10 national NIACEdefinition/LSCdefinition/ISCRIdefinition partnership programme project promoting collaborative working between Further Education (FEdefinition) colleges and Early Intervention in Psychosisdefinition (EIPdefinition) services. It is based on an innovative project in Portsmouth: Back on Track – a partnership between Headspace Early Intervention in Psychosis Team and Highbury College.
Breastfeedingsearch for term
When a woman feeds her baby with breast milk. Breastfeedingdefinition is specifically protected for the first 26 weeks after birth by the pregnancy and maternity discrimination provisions in relation to non-work cases. Source: EHRCdefinition glossary of terms,
BRITE search for term
Beattie Resources for Inclusiveness in Technology and Education - BRITE BRITE came about as a result of the Beattie Committee Report "Implementing Inclusiveness; Realising Potential", which emphasised the importance of creating inclusive, accessible learning opportunities – equipped to welcome and provide for students with a diverse range of abilities, aspirations and support needs. BRITE was established to support Scotland’s 43 Collegesis based in Edinburgh and receives core funding from the Scottish Funding Council, supplemented by income from a range of consultancy and research activities focused on inclusiveness and enabling technologies. Website:
Business Linksearch for term
Government support service for micro, small and medium sized enterprises. It is dedicated to helping new and existing businesses, innovate, improve, grow and become more competitive.