What's this equalities pop-up consultation tour and debates

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It’s a pop-up - It's on from 31 March - 9 April 2014 - It's about your ideas - It’s live - It's something we are inviting you to make happen with us - It’s here for 10 days and then it's gone. 

Hopefully you've already noticed the temporary makeover on our equalitistoolkit home page and have been wondering what it's all about. Find out at: http://www.equalitiestoolkit.com/tour/

This workforce consultation is a pop-up tour. We are visiting education and training providers arund the country and hosting 2 live debates (which will also be live streamed). We're up for anything else that spins out of your ideas during the 10 days. We've been planning it for a while but because it's a pop-up its about only being available for a short period of time. We're unleashing the idea and will then make maximum use of existing opportunities, activities, events, meetings and social media to galvanise people and create the tour. 

Ready? Read all about it: http://www.equalitiestoolkit.com/tour/   

What can you do to help? 

Got 5 minutes?

  1. Invite us to pop-up at your workplace - it takes less than 2 miutes to complete the form at: http://www.equalitiestoolkit.com/tour/
  2. Mention the tour and debates in conversation/interviews/meetings/events everywhere you go for the next 10 days 
  3. Add the tour and debates to your email signature from now until 9 April (see mine below)
  4. Follow us on Twitter @equalitytoolkit and encourage your followers to book a visit/join in /watch the live debates
  5. Tweet and re-tweet using the hashtag #equalitiespopup
  6. Be ready at 7.15pm on Monday to re-tweet my live recording link.  I won't get it until we go live but you can register your interest on Google hangoutsDo the same again on 8th April for live streaming of the London debate 
  7. Add a link/post it as a news item on your website(s)
  8. Go to http://www.equalitiestoolkit.com/tour/ fill in the form and invite us to pop-up at a meeting/event you are running/going to in the 10 days
  9. Tell us which of the above you are now going to do  (post a comment below)
  10. Tell us all the other ways you can think of that I have not to get more people/providers to engage

Got a bit longer?

  1. Spread the word via other social media you use (especially those I don’t - like Facebook and Linkedin)
  2. Email a personal message and the link to the 3 colleagues/providers/organisations/contacts who you just know will be up for asking us to visit 
  3. Forward the e-bulletin below to your colleagues/networks and friends in the sector with a persuasive personal message from you – they don’t know me but they trust you
  4. Book your place via Eventbrite at one of the debates Gateshead on Monday http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/equalities-consultation-live-debate-in-the-north-tickets-11096575155  or London on 8 April http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/equalities-consultation-live-debate-in-london-tickets-11100019457
  5. Come and join us in the VW camper vans when we visit one of our tour stops
  6. Volunteer to be a member of the panel at the London debate on 8 April 2014

Thank you in anticipation of your help and support

Have a good weekend


Programme Manager


[email protected]

Tel/text: 07920493620

Image of the twitter logo showing a white bird on ablue background@equalitytoolkit 

Image showing a VW campervan (which we are suing to travel around on the tour) with the  date, 2014 and the words Equalities consultation pop-up tour


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