What makes a good equality and diversity resource?

Respondents to the 2014 Resources Review Survey identified the following criteria  for what makes a 'good'  equality and diversity resource for teaching, learning and assessment.

The criteria below are listed in order of priority (i.e. the most frequently selected appear at the top of the list)

  1. Relevant to learners’ needs and context
  2. Accessible to learners at all levels
  3. Engaging for learners
  4. Provokes discussion/challenges commonly held views
  5. Reliable source (e.g. recognised organisation)
  6. Interactive 
  7. Promotes diversity
  8. Adaptable 
  9. Up-to-date
  10. Refers to legislation
  11. Illustrated 
  12. Avoids stereotypes
  13. Includes practical examples/suggestions
  14. Other:
      • Variety of activities
      • Includes common statistics
      • Includes real examples
      • Balanced view
      • In-depth
      • Meets Ofsted requirements
      • Cheap
      • Available in multiple formats
      • Accessible for learners with learning difficulties

What are your criteria?

How does this list compare with your criteria? Would you add or remove any? Register/login to post a comment below or tweet your answer

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