Update on Learning Activities on the Tomorrow Today Project.

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Success Story – Angela New

Angela with her portfolio


When I first came in to Tomorrow’s Women Wirral Centre, I was crying, as I had had my child taken away from me and I thought I was going to jail. My Probation Officer, Hazel, persuaded the courts that I could carry out my sentence through a conditional order and serve my probation in the community rather than a custodial sentence. My tag has been removed now. When I talked to the College adviser and Faith at the Women’s Day in November (organised by the Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Consortium ), I said I didn’t care if I stayed on benefits all my life. I wanted to have fun and not go to work.

My Probation Officer, Hazel and the Learning Champion Apprentice, Jennie, encouraged me to join the courses running at the centre. Along with the Fran and Penny, they have sorted out my life – my housing, electric, washing etc. I joined the one day Emergency First Aid at Work, one day course. Then I went on to the Nail Art Course. I have ADHDdefinition, sitting down is difficult, but because these courses were practical I could cope. I have never had a portfolio before – all my future certificates can go in the back. I will take it in to College in September. I have found something I really want to do – I want to set up my own business. I can now concentrate and I am good at it. The course has given me a foot in the door. Short starter courses are a good idea. If I had started in College first I probably would have packed it in. Now when I start the College course I will know more than the others. It has given me confidence. I will need help to afford the kit. The Nail Art course has proved so popular that we are running another course after the Easter holidays for those on the waiting list.



Acrylic Nail course