Update 25/3/14

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Pleased to report good progress with project against planned activity across both competition hubs.

Cambs/Beds Hub

Competition 1 Soup Making. theme lead .Bedford Regional College. Competition date:  11th February 2014

Competition 2 Card Making. theme lead Huntingdon Regional College.  Competition date:  27th March 2014

Competition 3  Afternoon Tea/ Soup Making.theme lead Peterborough Regional College. Competition date : 2nd May 2014

Competition 4  Rounders...  theme lead Central Bedford College. Competition date: 22nd May 2014

Competition activity being well received attached are some photographs from Soup making competition event. College issued a press release as follows:

For further information please contact Dean Constant on 01480 379 216 or email [email protected]

 In addition the following link takes you to radio interview with the Peterborough Regional COllege lead Jeremy Lloyd 

http://www.peterborough.fm/podcasts It is the City Buzz programme 12th March 2014,

Essex Hub

Good planning going on for skills competitions. One in particular to draw your attention to is the Dragons Den event. The Inter-college competition for App Design will take place in two stages off site in two employer locations (APPLE).  1st stage will involve finalists spending the day at Apple’s store at Lakeside receiving tips, advice, guidance as to how they can improve their presentation of the App.  This will be workshop based working with the ‘genius team’.  2nd stage of final will take place at Apple’s flagship Regent Street store in central London where learners will present concepts to corporate staff.  

We will be looking to make good PR from this and a case study of the competition.

Planned competition dates are:

1) Dragon’s Den – 9th and 28th May    (learner profile – 16-18yr olds, MLD/EBD, E2-L1, 15 learners)

2)The Essex Bake Off – Wednesday 7th May  (learner profile 16-18yr olds, MLD, E2-L1, 15 learners)

3) Gift Box Design –   w/c 19th May (learner profile – 19-24, MLD/SpLD, E1-E2, 18 learners)

4) Mini Olympics – Wednesday w/c 19th Mayl    (learner profile – SLD/MLD – PreE, E1, E2, 16 learners) 


Don't forget to check out our EDIF project webpage for more information

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