Training courses at a college near you: Finished at School and young people with autism

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A one day course for staff working with young people with autism to support the transition from school to college. 18 dates across the country.


Further education college staff, including curriculum managers and learning support teams, sixth form college staff, secondary school special educational needs coordinators (SENCOs) and local authority transition leads.

In order to get the most out of this course, we recommend that school, college and local authority staff attend this course together as the core team for a local transition partnership.





24 September 2015

Abingdon   and Witney College

30 September 2015

Oaklands   College

30 September 2015

City   and Islington College

12 October 2015

Leicester   College

13 October 2015

Newcastle   College

20 October 2015

City   of Bristol College

21 October 2015

East   Kent College

22 October 2015

Tameside   College

03 November 2015

City   and Islington College

04 November 2015

Leeds   City College

06   November 2015

South   and City College Birmingham

01 December 2015

City   of Bristol College

03 December 2015

Oaklands   College

07 December 2015

Leicester   College

15   December 2015

Tameside College

12 January 2016

Leeds City College

29   January 2016

South and City College Birmingham

01 March 2016***

Newcastle College




By end of day, you will go away with clear actions and ideas which will enable you and key partners to work together to improve transition from school to college for young people with autism.


Course objectives


  • To develop an understanding of the implications of the current SEND policy context for your role in improving transition and outcomes for young people with autism and/or special educational needs making the move from school to college.


  • To explore and identify local and regional partnerships and the Local Offer with a view to extending and developing networks that can support transition from school to college for young people with autism and/or special educational needs.


  • To identify ways to work effectively with parents and young people to support successful transition.


  • To discuss the role of person–centred tools when working and planning with young people and their parents, developing Education Health and Care (EHC) plans and personalised outcomes.


  • To understand the steps you need to take to review and evaluate your curriculum offer in order to support transition and provide an effective pathway from school to college and into successful adult lives using the Finished at School self–audit tool.


  • To consider the implications of the day for action planning and staff development activities to support effective support for school to college transition.


A copy of the Finished at School guide, which captures the learning from the Finished at School programme and maps the key themes to the SEND code of practice, will be available for all people who attend this course.


Following the course each participant will have access to a new online module on person–centred thinking and person–centred tools.