Supporting staff too

The PSEDdefinition (2011) applies to staff and learners. As a social justice sector, workforce equality and diversity is important of itself to education and training organisations to provide a safe, fair and supportive organisational culture that embodies 'equality and diversity in action' on a day to day basis for staff, learners and stakeholders.

Valuing and supporting equality, diversity and social mobility makes great business sense for education and training providers and will provide positive role models from all protected groups for peers and learners. 

Learner voice and workforce equality

As the NUS liberation campaigns and the Education and Training Foundation Pop-up Equalities Consultation (2014) illustrate learners support action to deliver equality in education and training. They are concerned that the workforce providing their education and training:

  • reflects the diverse society in which they live and work now and in the future
  • is able to support them to develop their knowledge and and skills in equality and diversity 

Our sector track record

We know from national inquiries and research studies over more than a decade that the education and training sector does not always have a positive track record on workforce equality and diversity. See for example:

Frances Walker (2013) Further Education Women Leaders: Why So Few? An Exploration of White and BME Women’s Experiences as Leaders in the Further Education Sector

Sources of workforce equality and diversity information 

The Excellence Gateway provides a list of useful links to equalities websites (A-Z order) based on good reviews and recommendations from the learning and skills sector that we have edited and updated below:

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