Spring to Equalities webinars start 7 March 2016

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Screenshot showing our Eventbrite-linked calendar of Spring-to-Equalities webinarsThe FACESdefinition sector National Network of Equalities Networks (NNEN) is pleased to bring you Spring to Equalities, a series of free online training sessions to take us up to the Easter break. 

Sessions start on Monday 7 March 2016 and will:

  • Present new reasearch findings - Pride and Prejudicedefinition in Education (2016)
  • Share experiences and case studies from our pick of the SFA/ECU Equality and Diversity Good Practice Fund 2014/15 projects
  • Introduce our latest collection of box sets of equalities resources, drawing on the national collection of FACES good practice over 6 years of grant-funded projects 
  • Give you opportunities to meet some of the National Network of Equalities Networks' members, to find out what we do and how we can support you

New sessions are being added to the calendar each day this week, so check for details and book to attend via the green calendar in the left sidebar of the EqualitiesToolkit website and follow us on Twitter, @equalitytoolkit #Spring_to_Equalities

We look forward to seeing you.