Resources review - the project plan and timeline

The project started in January 2014 and will end in February 2014. The project plan is based on 3 simultaneous activities: A survey, practitioner reviews and the development of a some code for a tag cloud of terms practitioners use to look for electronic equality and diversity resources that can then be used as the terms we 'file/classify/organise' them under. We'll make the code Open Source so you can use it and put it on your own servers.

 A survey (involving all kinds of education and training organisations) we will ask you:

  • Which resources and sources of information you use now?
  • What other type and content of resources do you think are needed/want to have available? 
  • How and where do you look for equalities resources? (eg websites, apps and crowd sourced materials)
  • What criteria do you use to decide what's 'good' or effective’? 
  • What have you tried already to find out if the resources you want are out there? 
  • What different solutions can you identify for the sector in terms of developing and sharing resources more effectively? 
  • What better or different resources have you produced yourself?
  • How have you disseminated them and how effective has your method of dissemination been?
  • What's the impact been of resources that you have produced and how did you measure the impact?
  • How are you manging the continuous updating of resources?
  • What would make you able/willing to look for and use national resources? 
  • How do you want to be involved in the next stage(s) of this review?

We'll analyse your responses to:

  • Create and publish shared criteria for effective resourses for the sector
  • Better understand the role of national strategic equalities groups and networks in identifying gaps in resources, supporting the development of and/or creation of resources, and curating, hosting and/or promoting and signposting resources
  • Identify current gaps and make recommendations on what new resources and/or approaches to producing resources the Agency and/or Education Training Foundation might wish to develop
  • Make recommendations on those resources and approaches that would benefit from being updated and developed, archived or /deleted
  • Asses the degree to which the production and availability of equality and diversity resources in the education and training sector is consistent with relevant current government digital information priorities, e.g. ‘digital by default’ and ensuring that publicly funded resources are freely available through the Open Government Licence and the government’s preferred use of OpenSource Software for producing public sector materials and systems

A crowd review by practitioners from all kinds of education and training organisations of equality and diversity resources (which may be held on a network of sites) across the 15 curriculum areas and the 9 protected groups and other vulnerable groups, different so that you can straightaway access content you told us you need. This will be achieved through crowd sourcing

A blank digital scaffold 

We are building a blank (for now) digital catalogue (called a 'digital scaffold'). We'll populate it with the tags you suggest in the survey and the ones our reviewers tell us they use.


The final step, in February/March 2014 will be to make recommendations for discussion and development  to you, the sector the Agency and others as appropriate

We don't know what the conclusions, recommendations and outcomes from the review will be, but we will know more about what you want and what your suggested solutions are and through the process of the review education and training organisations will have had an opportunity to try out crowd sourcing as a way of curating equality and diversity resources. At the very least, this website - which is designed to support crowd sourcing - will provide a new digital scaffold for accessing the resources we reviewed along with the EDI 4definition projects' case studies and EDIFdefinition projects' webapages.