Reminder the Be 1 in 1,000 brainstorm closes this Friday - sign in today and have your say

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The Leadership Conversation’s online brainstorm is entirely web-based and is completely anonymous. It is not an online questionnaire, but something much more engaging, interactive and thought-provoking, designed to gather your thoughts and observations. It’s different – so give it a go![email protected]&conversation

A wealth of ideas have already been contributed to the Leadership Conversation’s online brainstorm, by over 500 people that have taken part from across the sector – students, teachers, governors,  managers and sector stakeholders, but does it include your thoughts and ideas? 

This online initiative is building momentum and will provide a rich analysis of the sector’s views about its future leadership. We don’t want to stop the flow of ideas just yet, so have decided to keep the online brainstorm live and open until the 6th June so as many ideas as possible can be contributed to the Conversation. 

The brainstorm closes this Friday so please sign on today and have your say!