Poverty, work and low pay: The role of skills

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NIACEdefinition has published a special Spring 2014 edition of 'Adults Learning', which brings together a range of concerned, expert voices to explore the the relationships between poverty, work, low pay and skills.  

The contributors discuss the role of education and skills in generating the productivity which enables higher wages and in helping create not only more jobs but, critically, better jobs. They argue that with the majority of people experiencing poverty in the UK living in working households, there is an urgent need to rethink both our approach to tackling poverty and our approach to adult skills and growth.

Most importantly of all, NIACE believes, we need to see growth, productivity, poverty and skills as part of the same crucial agenda. 

You can download a free copy of this special edition from the main NIACE website at: http://shop.niace.org.uk/al-extra-poverty-work-pay.html