NUS Where I pray campaign - photo upload

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NUS has a target of 100 uploads for their 'Where I pray' campaign photo upload. Tonight they'd reached 45 so i thought you might like to tell your leanrers/students about it and help them to reach 100 or more. 

"Some institutions have fantastic multi-functional facilities for students and staff to pray. Others provide unused rooms, such as lecture rooms, for groups of students to use when needed. But at some institutions students have to pray in toilets or under stairwells.

And many students choose to go off campus to local places of worship. There is a huge disparity between the facilities institutions provide for students and staff to pray, meditate or reflect.

In order to capture the breadth of experiences across the UK, the NUS Where I pray campaign asks students to take a photo of where they pray whilst at university or college and upload their photo to with a caption (including where the photo was taken and how they feel about where they pray).

Take a look at pictures students have uploaded

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