North Lindsey 'Pride' Project: collective responses from our first meeting, October 16th

The first meeting of the NLC 'Pride' Project group took place on October 16th.  12 members attended including staff, learners and representatives of the local LGBT community. Specific questions were used as focus points at this meeting using the 'Professional Dialogue' template in order to determine the direction of the project.  Additionally our 'external' crtitical friend was present to enable an external critical perspective to be developed in relation to the direction of the first meeting.

Here is a summary of the collective responses from the group from this first meeting. These responses will then feed into the second meeting which will focus upon specific strategies and content of the LGBT 'Good Practice' guide:  

What do we want to change/see changed and why?

Attitudes towards the LGBT community to become more positive; A gradual eradication of ‘old school’ attitudes; Issues relating to the LGBT community to be embraced in a positive manner; Everyone to feel safe within their learning area and on the college campus; All staff should be approachable; Higher profile of LGBT community within the college; No areas with low illumination which could create an ‘unsafe’ ambience and a possible ‘no go’ area; Staff and students to better understand the issues affecting the LGBT community; Education of the non-LGBT community of the issues affecting the LGBT community

What is the issue/problem and what is/are the root cause(s)?

Lack of understanding of the culture of and issues affecting the LGBT community (Root causes: religious beliefs; community pressure; generational lack of understanding; lack of education; LGBT stereotyping; domestic background and parental attitudes; Cultural background)

Loss of confidence by members of the LGBT community (Root causes: The absence of support systems; LGBT community to be more visible; Fear of not being accepted for who you are; Peer pressure)

Prior school and family influences/attitudes has the potential to create homophobia;

Negative attitudes towards and negative perceptions of the LGBT community on particular courses;

Bullying at school and college leads to a feeling of being ashamed of who you are

What will people be saying/doing/thinking/feeling differently if the problem/issue is fixed/resolved?

LGBT community members will feel safe wherever they are

LGBT members will feel more comfortable when ‘coming out’ LGBT community will sense a greater understanding of their needs and experience greater empathy from the non-LGBT community;

LGBT community will feel empowered and will have equality with all other groups;

Tutors will be better equipped to deal in a sensitive manner with issues affecting the LGBT community

Tutors will take sexual awareness more seriously

Stereotypesdefinition start to be broken down

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