News Update on Educate Out Prejudice at Morley College

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The small team involved in the project has been very busy last term with setting up a range of initiatives and activities for this term, with a particular focus on an extensive programme of events for LGBT History Month in February 2014.

The project covers:

• Data Collection.

• Pilot of teaching resources for ESOLdefinition.

• Staff training.

• Extra Curricular events (LGBT History Month February 2014).

• Students and Staff focus group.

• The production of a film documenting the process.

So far, we have already had one meeting with staff and students; recruited a pool of teachers to design teaching resources and materials; identified staff development training opportunities; and finalised a programme of events for February 2014. A free Community Learning course, open to everyone, has also been set up:

‘Eat Your Words’ is a four-week course, led by Artist Lucille Power and will present you with the opportunity to look at the use of language and labels, in particular in relation to LGBT people. Using the medium of cake-decorating to re-use collected language, the course culminates in an interactive event in which participants will literally eat their word! No experience of cake-decorating is necessary and the course is open to all.

The course will start on Wednesday 22nd January 10.30 to 13.30, and ends with a performance on Wednesday 12th February.

For further details about the course, or to enrol, contact Leo Alexander on 0207 450 1841.

Programme of events for February:

     • Local and Historical Perspectives on Thursday 6th February 11am to 3pm, during which the college will have a LGBT information Fair and a variety of guest speakers:

11am -12pm ‘How we can educate out prejudice Visibilising and Usualising’:

Sue Sanders (Founder of LGBT History Month), will be introduced by Maggi Hambling (Artist and Tutor at Morley College), and will be talking about the need for LGBT HM as a crucial tool in educating out prejudice and informing a group about their history.

1 - 1.45 pm Reporting Hate Crime in Southwark: London Metropolitan police LGBT LO.

2 - 2.45 pm [email protected]: 30 years of servicing LGBT communities.

2.45 - 3 pm Families Together London: Supporting Your LGBT Child.                                                          Emma Cons Hall Room A10 / Open to All: Free of charge.

     • Musical Perspectives on Friday 7th February 7pm to 9.15pm, will see an array of performers and musicians, including the Diversity Choir, the Hertfordshire Chorus, with Other Special Guests, in the Emma Cons Hall.

     • Legal and Institutional Perspectives on Monday 10th February will provide the opportunity for curriculum staff at the college to hear Janet Palmer from Ofsted on how to best integrate E&D (Equalitydefinition and Diversity) within the curriculum.

     • Genderdefinition and Identity Perspectives on Wednesday 12th February:

12 -1pm Sadie Lee from the National Portrait Gallery will offer her Queer Perspectives

The content of her talk will be about her own practice and her experience of showing LGBT QI themed work in a variety of different exhibitions, including traditional and municipal art shows and spaces. She will discuss her role as facilitator of the Queer Perspectives talks at the NPG (National Portrait Gallery) and comment on one or two pieces in the Morley collection.  Emma Cons Hall Room A10 / Open to All: Free of charge. 

6-8pm Queering the Classic: Pomp & Portraiture with Kookie of London & Open barbers will provide opportunities to explore gender and identity through talks haircuts and vintage clothing.

     • International Perspectives Friday 14th Dr Richard Mole, UCL, will give a presentation on 'LGBT Russian migrants in London and Berlin: between the ethno-national and the queer diasporas' at 10.15am. This lecture is followed up by a presentation from one of the college’s ESOL students about their experience being LGBT in Kyrgyzstan and working for LGBT rights campaigning organisation Labrys.

Also on in February is Common Ground, an exhibition which will showcase famous LGBT people throughout the month, and will be displayed in the Cardew Space at Morley College’s Main Building. Further information about the Common Ground exhibition can be found on this link: .

To find out any additional information, or ask any questions about this project, or events, please contact MorleyCollege at [email protected]