Please disseminate UK-wide LGBT survey for FE learners and FE and HE staff launched

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NUS LGBT and the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Genderdefinition Identity have launched a joint UK-wide online survey of all FEdefinition learners and staff working in FE and HEdefinition (don't worry we haven't forgotten HE students they completed the survey this time last year). 

Please complete the survey yourself and encourage learners, apprentices and staff of all sexual orientations and gender identities to complete it.

The survey is at: . Closing date/time: Monday 8 December 2014 at 5pm. 

We've produced a short BSL film on YouTube at to increase access for deaf BSL users to the invitation to complete the survey. Please share it. 

Here's the transcript for the film: 

"I want to encourage you to complete an important equality and diversity survey for:
      • All staff in FE and Skills 
      • All staff HE 
      • All learners in FE and Skills
Don’t worry we haven’t left out students in HE –they completed the survey  for NUS (the national union of students) last year and we are building on that this year.
The survey comes from the partners in the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender identity, which include:
  • NUS (the National Union of Students)
  • UCUdefinition (University and College Union)
  • ECUdefinition (Equalitydefinition Challenge Unit)
  • AoCdefinition (The Association of Colleges)
  • NIACEdefinition (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education – which is 
The survey includes the whole of the UK and is confidential. 
It asks about how gender identity and sexual orientation identity shape learners' and staff experiences of working and learning in post-school education and want to find out about any differences between the experiences of learners and staff with different sexual orientations and gender identities.

Be quick - the survey closes at 5pm on Monday 8th December 2014"