New tools to help overcome learning barriers across Europe

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Dear Colleagues

Yesterday the OED (Outreach, Empowerment, and Diversity) Network launched new tools to help overcome barriers to learning.

Alistair Lockhart-Smith, NIACEdefinition Project Officer, said:

"NIACE’s involvement in this work has led to the development of policy recommendations aimed at policy-makers on both a European level and a national level, as well as guidelines for trainers and management staff in adult education to support managers, course designers and practitioners in their work with socially and educationally disadvantaged groups.

"Today sees the launch of these important documents that will help to advance the case for lifelong learning in public policy and the adult education sector across Europe. We call on everyone to take the necessary steps in order to make outreach, empowerment and diversity in adult education a priority and therefore a reality."

To find out more about this work please visit the press release on the NIACE website:

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