MHFE WMHD2017 webinars box set is ready

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Throughout October, MHFE network offered 12 webinars to celebrate World Mental Health Day 2017 and disseminate lessons learned from a DfE Community Learning | Mental Health Research (2015/18) project. The webinars were an opportunity to hear from and to engage with colleagues working across the further and adult community education sector and to find out about different ways of supporting and promoting the mental health of learners and staff.

If you wanted but were not able to join us or if you wish to revisit any of the webinars, you can now do it!

An image of a padlet containing information and links to WMHD2017 webinars' videosThe MHFE WMHD2017 webinars box set is now ready and available to you and your colleagues.

To whet your appetite for viewing, here are some quotes from the webinar presenters:

"What is good community learning practice is also good mental health and wellbeing practice"

"Partnerships are very helpful... but not always strong"

"[As leaders] we should never lose the care of students as our central reference point"

We hope you will find these free CPDdefinition resources helpful. Your feedback and ideas for future MHFE webinars are welcome so please let us know if there is a topic that we should consider or if you would like to contribute a webinar @MHFENetwork.