Meeting the Challenge of Special Educational Needs (One Day Course)

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The ETF Excellence in Leadership, Management and Governance (ELMAG) portal offers skills development for leaders, managers and those involved in governance from across the Further Education and training sector.The portal was revamped last week and now includes several new opportunities, like Meeting the Challenge of Special Educational Needs.

If you want to radically improve the quality of the service and outcomes for young people and adults within SENdefinition/D education provision, then this one-day course on 3 March 2016 in London, is exactly what you need.

The course will be centred around the specific challenges that you experience. Course participants will collaborate  during the day on your real life special educational needs challenges. You will develop your own personalised plan to address your key SEN/D challenges and sustain a long term improvement in how you work.

We are happy to recommend this course to you, not least because the trainers are all people we have worked with around equalities Sue Ward (see her EDI 4 case study here on equalitiestoolkit), Martin Sandbrook (see the systems thinking webinar he delivered for MHFE last year) and Rich Wilson (who we worked with as part of the ETF Leadership Conversation and summit.

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