What's leadership development like in your organisation?

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The Leadership Conversation provides an exciting opportunity for providers from across the Education and Training sector to provide vital feedback on their views on leadership and how leadership skills should be developed. Critically, the outcomes from this project will inform the strategic plans of the Education and Training Foundation for supporting leadership improvement in the sector. It is essential therefore that we gather as much feedback as possible, from all parts of the sector and we would like to invite you to visit the project website, http://www.157group.co.uk/practice/leadership-conversation, and also to provide your views on leadership development within your organisation – what this looks like, any barriers/gaps, and how you feel these could best be addressed. The deadline for responses is March 5th. We are keen that all different types and sizes of education and training organisations contribute their views, especially organisations who can describe how best they ensure equality and diversity is embedded in their leadership development. 

If this invitation is not quite 'right' for you personally please pass it on to someone in your organisation who you know will be interested and able to respond. 

Thank you