Impact of Project

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Review of the Impact of the EDIFdefinition Project:

"The program of events organized as part of LGBT HM (a first at Morley College) Raised a very positive awareness of LGBT lives and issues and made the visible invisible. Overall the impact has been positive with open discussion happening throughout the college. We have agreed a plan for Data collection of LGBT and Religion and Belief. We launched LGBT history month music event and this has a big impact internally and externally, giving the message that Morley is an inclusive learning environment. There has been lots of doing so far and not so much time for measuring impact, there is room for improvement re this. We have collected feedback from a variety of internal stakeholders; the key omissions are from partners and students."

March 2014

Here is a list of links to media related to the project at Morley College, most outlined in the interim report and some found afterwards.

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