The Identities Programme at The Northern College 2015

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Last year, as The EDIF2013-14 Diversity Programme drew to a close, we knew it wasn't over.  Our thinking continued over the summer, and we were delighted to be able to continue the work into 2015.  Here is what we learned from The Identities Project:


Screenshot showing the front cover of the final report of The Northern College Identities Programme  (2014/15) one of the Skills Funding Agency/ECU Good Practice fund Projects (2014/15)

“I’m a different teacher now.  I resist the labels; the pigeon-holing; the merging of ‘equality and
diversity’ into something meaningless, about ticking a box.  As Audre Lorde said ‘There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single-issue lives.’”

Identities Programme participant

Last week we shared the final report, as this project draws to a close.  Our aim was ambitious – to ‘change the way that educators talk about diversity, intersectionality and identity’.  We wanted to create an environment where individual participants and their students were able to express their identities safely without prejudice.  Where ‘E+D’ were separated back out and teachers were embedding diversity in a considered and transformational way. The results were astonishing; not only due to the level of thinking and individual exploration but the way in which people chose to think – by creating pieces of art and writing poetry.

The full report is attached below, and all the resources and creations can be viewed on our beautiful Padlet

Screenshot of The Northern College Identities Programme padlet containing a myriad of thinking and fresh ideas presented using multi-media

Check out our final report: NC ECU Final Report.

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Sharing #TDidentities

Yes we'd love to - looking forward to doing a webinar too.  We'd love to take this work on the road.  Social media can get us far, but there's nothing like actually being with people in a room to get them thinking differently.  Going to be looking for opportunities for that next year, as well as embedding elements of it in our formal Teacher Ed programme, from Level 3 Award in Education and Training right up to the BA (Hons).  

What's crucial is to get spreading the word right away, rather than waiting for the next funding bid.  Obviously some things cost money, but there's also lots that can be done with willingness and time.  Thanks for providing a sharing space on the Equalities Toolkit.

Wordmap from Identities Programme

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What a wonderful rich multi-dimensional journey you've been on

So glad you secured a SFA/ECUdefinition Good practice Fund grant to develop this work further. I'm thrilled that you have  shared your lessons learned with us here. We are all the richer for the telling of your journey and your thinking. Thank you.

Our ETCrowd peer reviewers are I think in for a real treat when they review your project report for possible inclusion in the curated collection of recommended resources.

Please will you share with the BISdefinition Community Learning Mental Health pilots?  Maybe as an online training session? 

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Identities Programme World Mental Health Day Webinar 12.10.15

Thank you to Kay and Lou and everyone who signed up, for the Identities Programme Webinardefinition on 12.10.15. It provided a strong and thoughtful start to MHFEdefinition's World Mental Health Day 2015 series of online sessions from 12-30 October.

The session provoked interesting discussion and lots of follow-up, whcih I hope continues here in comments and elsewhere.   

The PowerPoint slides Kay and Lou used are at: Identities Webinar October 2015.pptx 

and the webinar recording is on the MHFE YouTube channel at:

Did you misss this? Don't miss anything else. If you've not been to or seen details of our World Mental Health day 2015 webinars, what are you waiting for? Check them out here on the equalitiestoolkit or on MHFE