Havering College 2nd Creative Arts Workshop Day

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The learners of Havering College and Newham 'PARIS' LGBT young people's group came together for another Creative Arts Workshop where they finished off their projects

This was the second workshop day we have held for Havering College LGBT students and ‘PARIS’ Newham LGBT young people. It was attended by 8 young people (4 college and 4 PARIS) and 6 staff members.

The previous workshop day was held on the 18th January 2014, where the young people decided what subject they wanted to focus on, with the aim of completion on the second workshop day. The young people in the computer graphics group completed their piece of work - which depicted LGBT milestones in history from the 1960’s to date – in the format of a comic page using photo’s they had taken over their 2 days spent together. The music group completed recording lyrics and poetry and were also able to use the drums, piano and mixing decks for the first time. The arts and crafts group experimented with glass painting, which none of them had done before. All of these young people discovered new tools and skills over the 2 workshop days and requested they met up for further days like this. Young people’s feedback included:

“I loved it today (especially the drums) I felt very comfortable with everybody because all of us can be ourselves”.

“I thought today went really well and I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed all of the activities and the socialising”.

“I learnt about glass painting. It was fab, new and it’s something I’d do again”.

“I enjoyed the comic strip and learning new skills”.

“It was good meeting everyone and getting involved in the music department”.

“Today was nice, I really enjoyed it!”