First Masterclass booked!

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Our first Master Classdefinition in Lesson Planning is now confirmed for December 12th in central Nottingham. The event is open to all NTN members and planning for the event is well underway.

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I looked for a *like* button, but couldn't find one.  Good news, Karen, hope it goes well :-) 

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If we are ready for 'like buttons' you are on

Hi Lou, 

Your wish is our command (although it may take until Kevin has some time at the weekend to make 'like buttons or stars or something on 'News items' and while we are at it blogs a reality. There are rating stars for resources in the library (see 'resources' tab in the left sidebar, just above the glossary and forums).When we set up the mental health in further education website   we did add them to news and blogs I think but then it felt so sad when people posted things and no one used them. So over to you once they are up.