Feedback from our Learners

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Start Living (a Mindful Life): End of course feedback from learners (2014)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative and helpful.”

“The course taught me how to use mindfulness when my mind wanted to punish me for things that happened years ago”

“Fantastic course. I have gained confidence and have come off my medication for anxiety”

“Valuable tools I will have forever. Thank you so much.”

“Nice and friendly atmosphere”

“Thank you for so much positivity and calm. What a fab course!” 

“Excellent course – thanks.”

“Made me want to change”

“Since starting mindfulness I have not been to the doctors!” 

“It is so nice to be able to go out of my front door without worrying about what might happen”

“I found having teachers who have been through issues themselves made the course more meaningful.”

“An alternative way of thinking and helping to cope with thoughts and anxiety”

“After this course I am looking forward to doing more.”

“Made me feel more at peace with myself”

“Well done guys keep up the excellent work in helping others.”

“Very well presented and run as it is on a very easy to deal with level.”

“Knowing it works makes you keep at it.”

“Good to know I am not alone or unusual.”

“Opened my eyes to controlling my mind rather than it controlling me!”

“Found Mark an excellent tutor and really enjoyed sharing ideas.”

“Given me the courage to volunteer and go back into the world.”

“Now recommending mindfulness to other people with depression.”

“Entered the course with apprehension, left with enlightenment.”

“I was not particularly enthusiastic prior to starting, but I soon found myself looking forward to Friday afternoons”

“Mark and Angela are great teachers, Mark’s personal experiences of how he has used mindfulness is a particularly good aspect.’

“I highly recommend (this course) for everyone!”

"Really enjoyed it, I cannot think of any criticisms!”

“I aim to implement Mindfulness into my work.”

“I would like to regularly refer carers to this course”

“I would recommend to anyone who wants to change their life.”

“Very worthwhile and I feel pretty lucky to have had the opportunity to be on the course.”

“Helped me get through a difficult transition in my life. Very friendly, always feel really great after a class.

“Thank you so much, you have both changed my life for the better, you truly have.”

“I have definitely felt my confidence grow and it’s like it’s given me a safe place to develop it.”

“The different approach has helped me tackle mental difficulties I have had to face.”

“The way the course has been presented has been excellent, especially Mark using his personal experiences – related to real life.”

“As someone already familiar with Mindfulness, I found the course very useful as a refresher.”

“The different meditations have been a great help.”

“Changed my life, I am more confident and would love to do it again!”

“An outstanding course, gives a new way at looking at life”

“Lots of tools I have been able to work into my daily life, contrasting my experience of CBTdefinition.”

“Very helpful for coping with anxiety and depression.”

“Very helpful. Good tutors. Thank you Mark and Angela." 


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Very Inspiring


Reading your wonderful feedback, I just wanted to say a big well done on setting up such a worthwhile scheme.  You have both obviously had a very thoughtprovoking and positive impact on the people you have supported through your sessions.  Are you planning to expand to other counties in the future?