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We first dipped our toes into crowdsourcing our equalities and empowerment websites in 2011, with the MHFEdefinition website - when, thanks to some funding from the Skills Funding Agency, we recruited a small number of virtual secondees to help us develop and curate the content. Another group of MHFE virtual secondees followed in 2012. 

Then in 2013, we set up this equalitestoolkit website. We gave each of the 41 Skills Funding Agency funded equality and diversity projects (EDIFdefinition) a project page, admin rights and carte blanche to develop and disseminate their projects live from day one. Our aim was that they should crowdsource a collective resource from the fund that would be greater than the sum of the 41 individual projects. We think they did brilliantly (even if it might not always have felt like it to them) but don't take our word for it. Take a look and decide for yourself. 

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EDIF Projects

Emboldened by the positive experience, we embarked on another crowdsourced project funded by the Skills Funding Agency- the Equalitydefinition and Diversity Resources Review or RRCrowd for short. You can read all about the RRCrowd using the links below, and you can see the result: The Equalities Tagging Tool (TETT) in our curated resources collection.

The RRCrowd The Resources Collection
Your criteria for a 'good' resource Your recommendations

One of the things respondents asked for in RRCrowd survey was an online group or forum to develop, discuss, rate and share equality and diversity resources, so we are making this website and twitter the places for that: register, login, comment and exchange ideas and resources.

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