Equalities resources for education and training

Since 2013, the Equalities Toolkit has been providing practitioners from across the education and training sector with access to high quality equalities resources.

How do we know they're high quality? Because you chose them! Emboldened by our previous experiences of crowd-sourcing resources, we ran the Equalitydefinition and Diversity Resources Review or RRCrowd for short.

You can read all about the RRCrowd using the links below, and you can see the result: The Equalities Tagging Tool (TETT) in our curated resources collection.

The RRCrowd was funded by the Skills Funding Agency (now merged with the Education Funding Agency to become the Education and Skills Funding Agency).

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The RRCrowd The Resources Collection
Your criteria for a 'good' resource Findings of the RRCrowd project

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