Equality and diversity and safeguarding - what's new?

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There is a clear relationship between equality and diversity and safeguarding as they share many interrelated components, focused on providing a safe learning environment for all learners. It occurred to me that exploring how they fit together in policy and practice may be of interest to the EDIFdefinition projects. If you would be like to post a question or you would be interested in joining a webinar on this topic then let me have your ideas. So long as you are registered and then logged in to this website you can add 'comments' and questions to this news post.

In the meantime, as part of the HealthyFE and Safeguarding programme we are running a series of safeguarding webinars. The next one is on 14th November 2012 at 1pm and will look at how we engage learners in safeguarding and find out about their concerns. 

If you would like to know more or join us for the webinar, check out safeguarding on the HealthyFE and Skills website

Ruth Quilter

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ED and Safeguarding

Hi Ruth

I do agree that the link exists between these two elements. Keeping learners safe is at the top of the priority list - and the link is there between bullying, homophobia, racism .... the list goes on. In the college I work at 'safeguarding' is always at the forefront of our minds - keeping learners safe whiist at the same time not making them risk adverse - is critical. 

I do worry that with the limiting grade no longer attached to safeguarding will providers take their eye off the ball. Is there any evidence to suggest this is happening?

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ED and Safeguarding

Hi Viv, thanks for response.  

I agree with your concern regarding the limiting grade and from my observations I think many providers have taken their eye off the ball. With so many competing demands it is understandable that providers give attention to the priority of the day! That isn't to say good work isn't going on but certainly more recent Ofsted good practice reports do not focus of safeguarding nor are there any new examples being captured now LSISdefinition has ceased. 

NIACEdefinition is working to fill this gap so take a look at the healthyfe.org.uk website and if anyone has practice or resources to share we will disseminate.

Also please complete the safeguarding survey!