Did we mention a new Diary to you for 2015?

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Following the huge success of the Staff Diversity Diary over the last three years, Alex Baghurst, who co-Image showing the front cover of the new sample 2015/16 staff diary and planner which includes equalities, health and wellbeing all in one  ordinates the national FEdefinition Providers' Equality Network  is supporting a proposal to create a 2015/16 diary and planner that includes key health and wellbeing dates and themes. He has produced a one month sample of the new resource, which we shared with colleagues at the BISdefinition seminar on 5 December 2014. 

The response was postive so we thought you too might like to download the new freee staff diary and planner sample for January 2015

We only plan to develop this diary and planner further if there is sufficient support and demand for it from the sector  and to gauge that we want your comments and feedback please: 

  • What do you like about it? 
  • How would you improve it? 
  • What would you remove?  
  • What do you think the demand will be for this resource in your organisation? 
  • Anything else you want to say?

Feedback/comments/questions or messages of support can be directed to Alex on the day, posted below (you need to be registered and logged in to be able to post comments or contact Alex by email or phone/text: 

 [email protected]  Tel/text +44 (0)7870 995589

Screenshot image of the equalitiestoolkit homepage highlighting the location of the online calendarDon't forget, you can still download the Staff Diversity Diary for January 2015 (and the rest of the academicyear) for free here in the equalitiestoolkit website. Plus you'll find equalities dates and more for 2015 in our online equalities toolkit calendar. Access the calendar via the vertical tab on the far right-hand side of our home page (see screenshot right).

And if you are looking for health and wellbeing dates throughout the year as well then you'll find them in the same place in our online calendar on our Healthy FE and Skills website at: http://www.healthyfe.org.uk