Bare Essentials for better practice

Image illustrating a signpost (we took this one  when we visited the lovely Northern College in Summer 2014)You know we can't do it for you and that you need to build your own toolkit. What we can do is make the whole thing a bit easier by signposting you to some of the things you are looking for. Good to go? 

Let's build your bare essentials toolkit

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Image showing the twitter social media iconYou do not need to use TwitterWe've brought our tweets to you. See the feed on our homepage on this site. Each day we tweet or retweet 'equalities gifts' from the news (using the hashtag #EqualitiesTLA) they provide food for thought, provoke discussion and inspire better practice.  

Select resources

Image of a signpost - to illustrate that this is signposting information

The equalities signpost
Embedding equality and diversity in your TLA
Increasing workforce   equality and diversity
The library

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