Anti homophobic staff training

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At the College's Staff Development Day on 25th October 2013 our first cohort of staff , 20 in total, participated in anti homophobic training. This training will enable them to identify curricula and teaching practice which assumes heterosexuality. (Worksheet attached). Feedback from staff was encouraging demonstrating their willingness to address the issue as one of the equality and diversity protected characteristics. Comments included:-

“Gave me an insight into different approaches to dealing with homophobia”

“Gave me confidence on how to challenge homophobia”

“I will be running training on this for my students when they return from case conference; please e mail me any more information you may have in this area” 



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Anti homophobic staff training

Thank you for this. I might draw on your checklist in some training I'm planning on 18th November. I've also found some useful guidance for tutors from a previous project at the Friends Centre in Brighton at