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Derwen Update 1

Louise attended NIACEdefinition meeting on Thursday 10th October 2013.


Progress has been made on meeting project plan and milestones:


5th December West Midland natspec colleges were notified of date of careers event, date confirmed to be 18th March 2014.


October 2013 - Learner voice corrdinator (coordinates student council) was notifed of event/project.




Heads of departments emailed about forming project group.

Laura (projects coordinator) spoke at some staff meetings to promote/inform staff of the event.

The staff meetings were in Hospitality and Retail Studies and Landbased Studies.


January 2014:


all departments have named a link contact that will be working on the event alongside Laura / Louise.

(Hospitality and Retail HRS, Catering, Landbased Studies, Art Media and Business AMBS, Care, Persoanl and Social Development PSD, Work Experience, Learner Voice Coordinator (Student Council), Press/social media coverage).

A planning meeting is scheduled for Monday February 3rd 2014.


Laura has liaised with the Work Experience Coordinator about employer links for the event. He has forwarded Laura the up to date contact list for work experience/employer contacts.

Laura will liaise with him to approach employers in regards to the event.


Invites for the event have been finalised and sent to the Natspec west midlands colleges.

Initially Laura contacted principals/heads of colleges via email.

Laura has since rang around the colleges for key contacts in regards

to the area of transition. Hard copies of the invite have been posted to each college and

electronic copies of the invite have been emailed to the specified contacts.

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Disability Is Not an Obstacle to Employment

South Thames College's project is focused on encouraging our learners who have a disability or learning difficulty to apply for the Apprenticeship Scheme through work experience opportunities, and through 2 seminars we are hosting in February (in college)to engage with local employers to dispel myths and wrong perceptions that some may have regarding the employment of people who happen to have a disability or receive learners support.

We have had an encouraging response to our "We Can Work It Out" seminar invitations given to learners who are studying across a whole range of potential apprenticeship subjects, from catering to engineering, from IT to hairdressing. At the same time we are starting to receive responses from local employers who have been sent invitations via our college's Business Centre (Jamie Stevenson is head of this unit). We are fortunate to have the services of Ellen Atkinson who will facilitate both Seminars, Ellen has great experience both in the arena of Further Education as well as Employmentdefinition and Disabilitydefinition.

Early in February an item will be published in 'Snippets' the college's in-house magazine, describing the background to our EDIFdefinition project and it's purpose as we look forward to the seminars on 24th February and 28th February.

Ian Aldridge (Project Co-ordinator)


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Equal Access to work opportunities for ALDDs in a semi-rural area

Update 23 January 2014

Project steering group

The focus of our project is to help adults with learning difficulties or disabilities to gain work experience locally leading to an apprenticeship.

We have set up a team bringing together our Foundation Learning, Marketing, Employer Engagement and Planning and Development teams and establishing links with Bath and North East Somerset Council, Sirona Healthcare and Curo.

Bi-monthly meetings have been held and we use a project status report to monitor progress. A spirit of co-operation has developed and we update our Equalitydefinition and Diversity Focus Group to spread awareness throughout the College.

Matching employers and learners

Our programme identifies learners, matches them with suitable local employers and provides the required support for the individual.  There has been a lot of interest in the project following a press release with articles published in Somerset Guardian South West Business (attached below); College Times distributed to 57000 households and businesses in the area (attached); Bath Mums’ website and in the College’s Staff Matters magazine.  Jane was interviewed by Breeze radio and BBC Somerset would like to interview learners at the employer event in February. 

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Construction Learners visit The St Philips Centre for final tutorial!

Construction Learners visit the St Philips Centre for final tutorial!


Learners from the Construction area here at Leicester College, participated in their final 'All for One, One for All' tutorial which was based at the St Philips Centre in Leicester. Riaz Ravat and member of the FAith community met with the group to talk and work with the group on their understanding of Faith issues and the impact this could have on them within the area of Construction.

This is the end of the tutorial rounds for this group, but their journey on this project doesnt end there! In April learners from the area will be visiting places of worship to observe the construction and biulding materials used to contruct them and will participate in faith walks around those buildings.

Next week learners from the Catering department will be visiting a local Gurdwara, observing food preparation and serving the local community. Watch this space for images and qoutes from the day!

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Kendal College Promoting World Skills

Well it's January and it's full steam ahead.

The World Skills UK website has now brought out most of the 2014 briefs for the competitions, and I have had a busy week trying to get relevant information printed ready to inspire our students and staff. These are now complete and will be passed to Tutors by myself so I can discuss World Skills.

We are trying to find the content for the augmented reality flash cards, which will benifit those students who need that extra support when staff are not near by. By having cards which have links to discussions such as; what to do when something goes wrong, self confindence and what to do when you are panicking, as examples. It is trying to find the most meaningful words which would help someone in that situation.

I am also in full swing of organizing a master class so as to get students and staff involved with World Skills. We are hoping to have our video moving image gold medal winning team, and our health and social care silver medal winner involved. They will be talking about their experiences, how they got to where they are now, what doors have opened for them, and their whole experience of World Skills.



Hattie :) 

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Appointment of a Work Placement Job Coach


Proud to have this opportunity to place a small cohort of LDD learners within work placement roles. Both from the outset and throughout, the approach to this project will place learners are at the heart everything. A keen eye will be kept upon
any potential risks or accessibility/equality and learners will safeguarded at all times.

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Second 'All for One, One for All' tutorial session takes place

The second of three tutorial sesions has taken place with learners at the Construction department here at Leicester College. The third group will be going out to the St Phillips centre tommorow to take part in the tutorial at the centre, meet faith practioners and share their experiences. Here are some pictures from the second session.



Image showing Leicester college construction students


                                                           Image showing students and staff in classroom as part of Leicester College's EDIF project
another image of Leicester college construction students attending a tutorial at St Phillips
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Disability Is Not An Obstacle To Employment

Our EDIFdefinition project at South Thames College situated in south west London is aimed at encouraging learners with disabilities or support needs to apply for the apprenticeship scheme once they have had work experience opportunities. Equally the project is also focused on dispelling the myths and wrong perceptions some local employers may have regarding the employment of people who happen to have a disability. We are concentrating on 2 seminars for local employers and learners. We have recently met with the facilitators for the seminars (organised for the end of February 2014) and have been able to design the agenda for those 2 mornings. At the same time invitations have now been sent to local employers across 6 London boroughs, and with the help of Learner Support colleagues and tutors also to learners who we have identified as being interested in the apprenticeship scheme. The logistical and practical arrangements for the seminars such as rooming arrangements, catering, public address systems, student ambassadors to meet and greet our guests, and arranging communication support workers for our learners with a hearing impairment are in hand.

Can't wait!

Ian Aldridge (project co-ordinator)

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Eat your Words

New free course at Morley College as part of LGBT History Month starting on Wednesday 22nd January for 4 weeks.Feel free to refer your students.

This course aims to use a medium of cupcake decorating to explore perceptions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgenderdefinition (LGBT) people, and is a fun way to investigate the use of language and labels. The decorated cupcakes will be shared with other college students at a tea party at a final session of the course. Students would be able to learn basic cake decorating techniques and people will literally Eat their Words!

Full information and details about the course can be found on this link: http://www.morleycollege.ac.uk/courses/community_learning/3757-eat_your_words/14320

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From ESOL and Beyond!

Our ESOLdefinition Curriculum Pilot has now begun! We have had a good response and many eachers from ESOL and beyond have shown a keen interest in getting involved with the pilot.  Tuesday 7th January was our first teacher briefing.  Some staff expressed the needs to get support and training with embedding LGBT within their lessons and Morley college will be delivering a tailor made session on Tuesday 14th January.

The Pilot has attracted staff from ESOL,  English (Literacy and GSCE), Embedded vocational ( English and childcare) and Access, which is a great response. The team has done a some research on what is currently available (see below).