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Catering learners enjoy multi faith tutorial!

Learners from the catering department, who had participated in the visit to a local Gurdwara a week ago, took part in a multi faith tutorial run by Riaz Ravat from the St Philips centre. Learners had the opportunity to meet faith chaplains from the Muslim, Sikh and Hindu community and take part in open and honest dialogue about faith. Riaz Ravat hailed the session a great success with many learners feeling able to discuss any myths or misconceptions they had about particular faiths and beliefs.

Exciting times ahead, with the next round of tutorials, a steering group meeting and a fantastic trip to a local restaurant for our catering learners!  For more information and images of our events as they unfold please visit our page http://www.equalitiestoolkit.com/content/all-one . Alternatively if you would like more information about the ‘All for One, One for All’ project feel free to email me at jusharma@lec.ac.uk . Bye for now...Julie

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Style Up for Access to Work

Northbook College working in partnership with Job Centre Plus and Hub @ Home are excited to launch a new service 'Style Up' for individuals that have been receiving Job Seekers Allowance for over 6 months and aged over 19yrs.  

Style Up is aimed at helping individuals improve their chances of interview success by providing tailored styling advice, employability advice, a free haircut and interview clothes.   The aim of the scheme is to ensure candidates that progress through the Style Up project achieve an equal standing with more experienced and affluent candidates.

The scheme has evolved to include a free manicure, with all partners working to ensure the right people access the scheme. 

Watch this space! 


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Disability Is Not an Obstacle to Employment

Two seminars we are organising are central to our project where we will be host to local employers and our learners who we support from our college's Learner Support Services. Both are morning seminars, the first on Monday 24th February, and the second on Friday 28th February. We are fortunate to have excellent facilities on site both at our Wandsworth High Street Campus and Merton Campus of South Thames College, and enjoy great help and support from our Marketing &Facilities Teams and the College caterers. Externally, Christine Alexander of 'Deaf First'/Oak Lodge has offered important advice as well as providing equipment for the seminars.We look forward to welcoming the BSL Communication Support Workers from 'Deaf First' who will be assisting our learners at the seminars. My Learner Support college colleagues will also be supporting on those days.

So, our planning is nearing completion with the seminars nearly upon us!


Ian Aldridge (Project Co-ordinator)


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Over 24 yr old BAME people looking for coaching and support

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Kendal College's First World Skills Master Class

Last week Kendal College had its very first master class in World Skills, this class was to help students have an insight in to competitions. I invited our Gold medal team who won in Vidoe and moving image, along with our silver medal winner from Health and Social care.


I wanted potential competitors to hear how previous competitiors felt when they first entered world skills and how their jounery progreseed. It was interesting to hear how an individuals experience (our silver medalist), differed frfom competing in a group (our gold medal winners).


When competing as an individual, our health and social care student had competed at the reginal heats and had become friends with other competitiors in that area. She discussed how they had become a tight friendship team and helped one another through the highs and the lows. There was regular contact leading up to the skills show at Birmingham, what information had been revised, which method was best and general support. This continued whilst at the skills show, and once the competetion had finished they have all remaind close friends through social media and emails.


We then heard from our Vidoe and moving image group, they had different experiences in comparrison. They had worked as a tight group, knowing one anothers strengths and weaknesses and using these to their advantage. They disscussed that they would of liked more accurate information leading up to the competition. A detailed preperation plan and a good supply of help and assitance, so that they could of been more prepared. The group disscussed that there were a number of things that set them back, especialy when equipment broke. However because they worked as a team and pulled together, supporting one another they managed to complete the task.


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Catering learners attend local Gurdwara!

Learners from the Hospitality and Catering department at Leicester College attended a local Gurdwara to see how food was prepared and served to the local community. The group attend the temple with members of staff from the Learner Engagement and Enrichment Team, Sharen Ravat and Maxine Chambers. Kartar Singh, the Sikh multi faith chaplain from the College also attended to show learners around. At first learners were apprehensive as they had to remove their shoes and cover their heads to enter. Once inside the learners were full of questions and wanted to know more about the temple as a place of worship and also about what goes on in the kitchens. Learners were given the oppourtunity to see how food was prepared, the utensils used and how the food was served. Learners were also given a chance to sample the food. One learner commented,


 'I didnt know what to expect and didnt know what the difference was between a Sikh temple and a Mosque...I know the difference now'.

Catering learners outside a local Gurdwara in Leicester
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Derwen Update 2

Project group met on 3rd Feb 2014.

This included representation from the vocational departments, PSD, Care, Press/social media, Work Experience, College Campus (for logistics on day).

Therapies have been liaised with - Speech and Language Therapy will be providing a listening programme activity on the day.

A key action from the meeting was for the vocational departments and PSD/Care to inform Laura of the activities that will be hosted from each department on the day by 14th February. This will avergae around 3 activites per area to meet the target of approximately 15 at the event.


Branding for the event was also discussed - this will be discussed further in future project meetings.

The next project meeting is on Tuesday 18th February.

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Raising the profile of LGBT

Completed initial survey and chosen group of people, staff and students, to partake in LGBT project. Roadmap confirmed including milestone dates to completion of project. Awaiting software installation.

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Timeline and January Update

Below is the enclosed timeline for our project, where we are getting transgender learners to interview other transgender individuals about their experiences in education or generally, in order that we can better improve services in adult learning and elsewhere. 

We have been out and about publicising the project widely, and have recruited four transgender learners to do the interviewing.  They have undertaken basic retraining and we've had some conversation about the logistics of how we're going to manage the project (recruiting interviewees, doing the recordings, etc).  Training and went well and all four learners were enthusiastic and keen to get started, and interested in the basic research teaching.  They were really interested in how to ask the questions in the "right" way, and we had a good discussion on the question of anonymity - how to ensure it and why it's important.  They came up with some great ideas.  Between now and next week they are each working on using the principles we learned in our training session, and their own experiences, to come up with a list of possible questions for the interviews.  Next week we are going to get together and get all our ideas for interview questions looked at and decide which to questions to include.  In the same session we shall decide on our interview "start script" and "end script" and so we shall have our interview schedule ready.   I am looking to pick up some tablet computers on Monday for them to do the recording on and then we'll be good to go - they can start interviewing next week. 




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Equalising UK Skills Competitions

Good progress being made by the Lead partners in the ESCO project.

Colchester Institute confirmed working with South Essex, Harlow and Chelmsford Colleges on some exciting themes; The Mini-Olympics (triathlon event consisting of indoor curling, basketball shoot out & a reaction test) [geared towards our more complex learners]; The Big Essex Bake Off (cooking a cake) [for E2/E3 learners]; Creating a Gift Box (for E1/E2 learners) [maybe relating to Valentines/Easter theme] and of interest for those who like craft/art; and a Dragon’s Den inspired activity for our more able LLDDdefinition learners where they will be pitching their idea for a new I-phone/I-pad App.