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Talking work for all on BBC Radio Newcastle

The Twisting Ducks Theatre Company talking on BBC radio Newcastle about our employer engagement events and work basied training for people with learning disabilities. Press the link to listen in.  


Press Play



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Disability Is Not an Obstacle to Employment

Our project is aimed at encouraging South Thames College learners who happen to have a disability or learning difficulty to give serious consideration to applying for an Apprenticeship Scheme with the opportunity for work experience prior to any application. At the same the project focuses on local employers with the purpose of negating any myths and perceptions they may have regarding the employment of supported learners as well as how employers can make reasonable adjustments to accomodate them. Two seminars had been organised for local employers and invited learners who are supported through our Learner Support Services.

The 2 morning seminars were held at South Thames College venues (the first at our Wandsworth High Street Campus, the second at Merton Campus) in the week commencing 24th February. Over the 2 events we welcomed over 20 representatives of employers and other guests, and were delighted that over 30 students also attended, as well as support workers who were assisting our learners who were partially sighted/blind or deaf/hard of hearing. I attach the seminar agenda for employers.

For the first part of the morning the learners had their own session with colleagues from our Business Unit. The workshop provided relevant information about the Apprenticeship/Traineeship scheme, work on developing an individual CV, examining the application form, and for some plucky learners an opportunity to stand up and talk about themselves and their career aspirations.

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Steering us in the right direction!

A steering group made up of learners and staff here at Leicester College met on Monday to discuss the 'All-for-One One-for All' project. We showed learners arounf the eqaulities toolkit website and the Leicester Collge website, which they thought was really good. Learners gave us ideas about how we could liven up the page and thought that we should perhaps add more images. Learners also had a say about which events they thought needed filming for our project film.

Coming soon we have a visi to Chef and Spice for learners in our catering department and 'STRIVE' are coming into the College with an interactive exhibition on forced marriages and to deliver tutorials.

Go to our page www.equalitiestoolkit.com/content/all-one for updates on events we have alreday done and keep an eye out for information about the Chef and Spice and 'STRIVE' exhibition.

Ohhhh and I managed to get our interim report done on Monday ....phewwww!!!! Come on guys its not that scary!!!

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What's happening at Sussex Coast College Hastings

Rainbow day

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Busy filming for our Work/traineeships for all toolkit

Alongside all the filming taking place with employers and trainees, we have also started our 2nd film for our toolkit called ‘How it should work!’, inspired by the experiences of people with learning disabilities in employment and training who we have spoken to as part of the project. It’s already proving to be a great film, full of optimism and poignancy. It has to be said a couple of tears were shed during one of the more moving scenes in filming the other day. Kleenex anybody! 

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Winning Hearts and Minds

Next Tuesday is fast approaching. A local employer has agreed to give a talk to our potential work placements. This is a great result, because our speaker not only has knowledge of all the employability aspects necessary for  transition into the world of work, but also can relate on a deeply personal level too. He has a young daughter who has a LDD and understands the difficulties this project is attempting to address. It is hoped Tuesday's lunch will spark enthusiasm, build confidence and leave our potential placements feeling eager, willing and empowered. Most of the fifteen Learners with LDD invited, have confirmed thier attendance, for younger learners (those under 18trs), conversations have taken place with parents or guardians to explain the project. These converstaions have met with positive responses and have paved-the-way for a subsequent meeting for parents, perhaps over coffee one evening soon. This is a useful chance to gain the support of parents, build rapport, answer thier questions, address concerns and therefore ensure future job coaching can be fine tuned, targetted and most effective.

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Identifying and assessing the skills needed around Equality and Diversity

Our project is about teaching the Equalitydefinition and Diversity skills which learners need to function at college, at work and in society. Surprisingly we haven't been able to find a ready-made list of relevant skills, so we've been working on our own list:


1. Work in  a group with people from diverse backgrounds

2. Listen to others, show empathy and respect their views

3. Share own experience and perspective

4. Engage in dialogue by showing interest and asking questions

5. Use appropriate language

6. Identify common interests

7. See own bias, how own attitudes are formed and affect behaviour

8. Meet specific needs and be inclusive

9. Recognise stereotyping and discrimination and the impact this has

10. Support others who experience prejudice or discrimination

11. Challenge those who stereotype and discriminate


We are embedding these skills on a range of courses. One of the ways we will assess the progress learners make is this questionnaire. It explores how "comfortable" (about attitude) and how "confident" (about skills) learners would be in two scenarios (college and volunteering). Most of the skills in our checklist are covered, as are most of the protected characteristics, with a particular emphasis on LGBT. In addition we have included a few Social Attitude questions to give us an external benchmark.

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Progress being made on Chichester College's EDIF E&D project

Welcome to an update on Chichester College's E&D project!

My colleagues Richard and Keith have been working hard to develop their skills and knowledge in the development of online materials to support our project.  The project is being to take shape as we create the storyboards for our online module.  Our team of E&D Champions from across the College have provided a range of real life briefs and stories which will be made accessible to raise awareness within our local community.

There are some really exciting ideas which will make this different and stand out so that the content is noticed and it makes and difference !

We'll keep you updated as things progress


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Their off!

Learners from the Hospitality and Catering Department are off to visit the St Philips centre today to take part in the second round of the 'All for One and One for All', tutorials. Learners will be visiting the centre to participate in the interactive session, meet faith chaplains and discuss issues and myths regarding faith.

On Monday we hold our steering group meeting, where (hopefully) learners will help make descions about key aspects of the project. The main focus being on the creation of a short film that will catalogue the project and the progress we have made. 


Links to our webpage will be added shortly so you can view images of todays events!!!

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Derwen Update 3

Good progress with event planning, project group are working on actions from meeting on February 18th:

Group agreed all learners at Derwen College will be part of the event, either working or visiting the activities.

Currently 4 West Midlands Natspec Colleges have confirmed thier attendance, along with a local specialist sixth form showing interest in the event.

Natspec event on 27th February, to confirm attendance with other Natspec colleges that have been invited.


Locations on campus for have a go activities agreed at meeting.

Work Experience Coordinator working on employer input for the event.


Learner Voice Coordinator has confimed some of the Student Council will act as guides within the event - the learners/visitors attending the event will be assigned to a particular route, this will be timetabled/coordinated. The various routes will allow structure so activities will not all be vistied at once, so there is a steady flow of participation within the activities. Student Council guides will assist the various routes to flow within the event, as well as being available for assistance and guidance.


A map will be designed showing locations of the have a go activities and the various routes through the activities.

Logistics such as refreshements, lunch time for the college as a whole and a signing in for external guests were agreed upon.

Aswell as actions, such as deadlines for group lists from departments, to be returned to project coordinator by March 3rd.


Actions regarding safeguarding of students and vistiors within the event were discussed and agreed upon aswell as communication to the college as a whole about the event.

Internal PR contact has been notified to contact press about the event.

Next project meeting March 4th 2014.