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Another placement starts this week!

Had a meeting with one of our learners and his job coach this morning. Plans were agreed for the support needed on the first day of the learners placement which starts this week. Lists of skills the learner would like to learn and develop are being drawn up and they are both really keen to get going. I look forward to hearing all about it!

The other placements are going well - attendance is excellent, the feedback is positive ,and the learners are enjoying their experiences.

But we need more placements - any "top tips" anyone?

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Fabulous Learners.

These learners are fabulous, lots of enthusiasm shines through as they eagerly await word of a work placement opportunity. By seeking advise from tutors, coordinators and others who know the potential placements closely, only those who might benefit the most from this experience have been selected. It may seem calm on the surface, but it is full steam ahead. A time plan is now drawn up, scheduling a range of stages, setting out chronologically, employer meetings , learner briefings, initial introductons and bespoke planning, with the view to commencing work placements at the begining of May. Some movement is expected, because a match for some of the ten placements is still being sought, whilst several are at the bespoke planning stage. Feedback from managers and staff in the workplace has been positive, on the whole. With broad agreement that the emphasis is upon ways which support and encourage the strengths of learner-placements, coupled with practical methodologies to help overcome barriers to differentiation.

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Curry chefs pass on tips to Leicester College learners!

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Mindfulness Support Group

Our Mindful support group is really taking off.   This week was our 4th meeting and each time it grows.   This time we had 16 people attending.

The learners come from different classes and just seem so ready to gel straight away.

I had planned some topics to discuss but found that really I wasn't very much needed.   Everyone just got on with it.

The learner-led spirit seems to be working without us having to push it.   The was some really good sharing, support and positive thinking.  One learner led a standing meditation.

We have three learners who are prepared to get involved in organising and leading, supporting each other.   Great for confidence buidling too.    Also all sorts of ideas about group focus events - crafts, arts, sports, choir, walking.

Feel really positive that the group will become self sustaining as we had only dared to hope.  Fab :)

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Derwen Update 5

Derwen College successfully hosted the Experiential Careers Event yesterday - Tuesday 18th March 2014!


Premier Inn and a member of staff from Love Plants Shrewsbury provided employer input at the event.


An evaluation meeting with the planning group will follow shortly - the blog will be updated with more information following this with evaluation.

Some photos from the event below have been added below:

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Derwen Update 4

Prior to event -


The planning group met March 5th for a final formal meeting for the event on March 18th.

The Learner Voice Coordinator agreed Student Council would display posters about the event around the campus nearer to the event. This was to notify learners of key arrangements such as the lunch time change of 12-1pm, for the event to start at 1pm. Student Council were also given the maps of the activities to look through to become familar with the layout before the event - to comfortably show groups around the activities.


Draft copies of the map were discussed at the meeting - it was agreed there would be one route with 3 different starting points. Groups from Derwen and visitors would be split into 3 groups - red, yellow and blue. The activities were grouped into 3 zones to control the flow of people, for instance blue group would complete all activities in zone 1 before moving onto zone 2. Student Council guides will wear a t-shirt of the colour group they were assiting, so it will be clear for guests who to contact if assistance was needed, the guides will also help to move groups between the activities. Radios will be used to communicate with the registration point and the 3 groups.


Departments were given the responsibility to communicate the logistics and maps to learners and teams. An announcement was displayed on the college intranet along with information sent to departments about the event.

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Progressing Well

Hi Colleagues, good to catch up with everyone in Sheffield.  Just to let you know that with six modules complete, our project is amazingly looking like being on track to be finished as planned!  The EDIFdefinition team are proving to be an excellent driver to get the job done, which is great as I have to admit as a project group our enthusiasm often runs away with us and our poor production team are being set increasingly challenging and innovative design concepts!   We are really looking forward to sharing what we have done.  Quick plea - if anyone would like to add their own project link or web links to our modules in relation to providing ongoing support, advice or tools which would benefit Apprentices learning about or working with a particular protected characteristic, please let me know as we would love to share them.  First real attempt at blogging - a bit waffly I know, but still feeling very pleased with myself!



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Raising the profile of LGBT - Project update

I have nearly finished the Introduction for the eLearning course, although it is amazing how long it takes to get things working properly, I never imagined it would take so long to create and edit a video using videoscribe! Got lots of resources now particularly for Transgenderdefinition, thanks to the help of the forum and Blog.

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Motivating Sheffield meeting

It was really great to meet fello particapants at the EDIFdefinition project meet in Sheffield last Wednesday. I felt like I made some real connections with people from other projects. Of great interest to me was the project being run at North College by Louise around embeding equality and diversity into teaching and learning, the project being run at Newcastle College by Pitra with regards to ESOLdefinition learners and the project being run with Prospects with Michaela around belief and careers and how belief can have an influence on your career choices.


Ive made a promise to myself to keep up with these projects and share any knowledge and learning. Perhaps we could all do more to reach out to other groups and share good practice and ideas? As Louise said ' What would change for us if we co created new knowledge around equality and diversity'???

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STRIVE visit Leicester College for final tutorials and exhibition

STRIVE will be visiting us today to deliver three tutorials to learners in Hair and Beauty, Computing and Business. The tutorials will hope to raise awareness for learners and staff of the issues around forced marriages and honour based violence. The organisation last visited us in November with their interactive exhibition. They will be visiting us again with the exhibition on Thursday. To view the last exhibition click on the link in the text. For more videos go to our page at


Bye for now...Julie!