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Presenting our findings

Our group has got together a couple of times in the past few weeks to agree on main themes and the quotes that best illustrate them.  We identify lack of knowledge of transgender issues, well-meaning attempts to help that don't work, issues of how to be addressed (pronouns and titles), inadequate procedures, or failures to stick to them, and isolation and harassment as major themes.  The good news is that many good experiences were reported too, and things seem to be getting better the more time that goes by, according to those interviewees with a long history of dealing with transgender issues.  We are now busy working on a 3-4 minute film that will hopefully illustrate the issues, and suggest some solutions, in an entertaining and informative way. 

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Exciting times ahead....and a sense of relief!!

I'm slowly starting to feel the pressure lift and the project is coming together. Before the easter break we had STRIVE deliver tutorials to learners and staff about forced marriage and honour based violence. The sessions were interactive and informative and learners and staff gave very positive feedback about the awareness it created.

One learner commented, 'I never fully realised what women in some cultures have to go through'. 

Yesterday learners from our Catering department took part in the final leg of their All- For-One journey and visited food suppliers and stores on Leicesters 'Golden Mile'. I'll post pictures and feedback as they come in.

Our short film about the project is well underway. I feel like I have achieved a personal victory by securing funding to have the film subtitled. The film will be highlighted at the dissemination events.

I'm really excitied to see everyone next week at the planning meeting and also looking forward to the dissemination events to see all the great work that has been done!!!


See you all soon!


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Employer engagement events

    Calling all forward thinking employers! Work for all events across Newcastle! 

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Supporting Students with Autism on Vocational Courses and hosted by the Natioinal Autistic Society (NAS)

Job Coach has attended an intesive one day training seminar called, Supporting Students with Autism on Vocational Courses and hosted by the Natioinal Autistic Society (NASdefinition). To enable  effective support for the several placements with autism, including Asperger syndrome, into work. The Employmentdefinition Training Team offered training to raise awareness of the specific needs of individuals with autism in education and in the workplace.

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All interviewing and transcription done - some interesting themes found

All our interviewing is now done and interviews have been transcribed.  Some interesting themes have emerged.  Our little group has got together and discussed what commonalities there are across our interviews and what recommendations arise from these.  Final meeting to address these issues will take place next Tuesday and the interviewers will also suggest their ideas for how the findings may be effectively presented in the form of a short film. 

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Check, check and double check.

Busy, there is no other way to describe it and no other easy-way to do it. Arranging introductions and initial meetings, being there to answer employer concerns over health and safety or customer focussing.  Still, after all this time, over-coming barriers that prohibit our learners from accessing employment in the first place, both physical, practical and emotional; from-checking bus times and travel routes, to last minute nerves and preparation. Check and double check, don't assume and don't leave it to chance.

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The BBC and Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness Day participants

BBC Points West visited Norton Radstock College yesterday for a feature on autism awareness.  We were running an event for Autism Awareness Day with some of our EDIFdefinition project participants dressed in onesies.  It was fun but there was a serious message about understanding autism with a very inspiring talk from Simon O’Kane, 26, a PhD Physicist from the University of Bath who was diagnosed as autistic at the age of four.Simon O'Kane presents

It was good to chat with some of the the EDIF project participants about how the project has helped them to develop confidence by gaining work placements which will hopefully lead to an offer of an apprenticeship or employment. 

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Derwen Update 6


March 31st the planning group held an evaluation meeting about the event:

Feedback included:

All staff / visitor feedback was positive.
Students gained a broader view of work options and enjoyed experiencing the various activities.

It was excellent to have employer input from Premier Inn and Love Plants Shrewsbury -
Premier Inn were able to give specific industry advice on the standards of bed making.
Premier Inn from Chester are work experience providers for the college, representatives from Chester
attended the event, they will be touching base with other regional managers about the other possibilities of work with the college.This could open up new partnerships and opportunities for the college.

Additionally Love Plants have been approached to be a judge for a national Inclusive Skills competition being hosted by the college, again new partnerships could be formed.
We are awaiting feedback from our post event questionnaires from these employers.

The activities from Personal and Social Development were based on specific employability skills:
Spot the Mistakes! A short video of an interview - spot the 10 mistakes made by the interviewee
What do I Wear? Select the appropriate clothes, objects and equipment needed for a specific Job (from a range of picture cards)
Who wants to be a Millionaire? Quiz based on the TV show with questions about employment and careers

provided clear explicit careers guidance about specific employability skills to learners. It was agreed at the meeting these
activities complimented the activities based on actual vocational skills.

It was agreed at the meeting, if the event was to be repeated it would be beneficial to scale it down abit
to really focus even further on delivering careers advice to compliment the experiential activity further.

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EDIF Project Update

Well, it’s been over a month since the LGBT History month events at Morley College and we are pleased to say that there has been some really good publicity around LGBT HM and the Educate Out Prejudicedefinition project in the media! In this BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Gay Rights: Tying the Knot?’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03yggdf listen to this interesting broadcast, and look out for a mention 35 minutes in.

The British Council had an International Live stream on LGBT and ESOLdefinition in which our project was also mentioned on 3 slides as an example of cross college integration, details on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkygkkowp60


Also, here are some related links to other publicity:

LGBT Information Day