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Wednesdays dissemination event.

All set for the event on Wednesday.

We will enjoy the opportunity to talk to people from other projects and  to celebrate our successes.

Our learners ,Byron and Margie , are looking forward to sharing their experiences of the Equal People Derby project but would also like to have time to look around the gardens as they sound lovely.

So -despite the horrid early start - we intend to have a great day!

See you there.

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I attended last week's event in Stratford as a member of the project development team at Ambitious about Autism. We've been busy creating a training resource for mainstream vocational staff in post-16 education, who regularly teach learners with autism on their courses.


It was really encouraging to see the diversity of interest in the resource. During the course of the day, we demonstrated the resource to employers, teaching staff, managers and learners.


You'll be able to find us at the next event in Enfield, London later this week, where we'll be joined by a colleague from Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College.     


We intend to upload the developed resource to this website shortly. 

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Enjoyable event - looking forward to the next one!

We had a good day at the Stratford event and enjoyed the experience. 

One of our learners, Kerry, joined us and talked to the "audience" very enthusiastically about how the project has affected her . She explained that the work placement particularly has changed both her own view of herself and her ablities but also other peoples in a very positive way . Her highlights included watching the live Theatre performance and also the Work for All video which she felt she could really relate to .

 I found having time to talk to other project members about their work to be really interesting and useful - in fact more time to do this would have been appreciated so looking forward to chatting to different people next week.

And I had never taken part in a discussion with live tweets included before - so yet another " first!"


Learners Byron and Margie will be joining us for the next event. They are feeling positive and keen to talk about their involvement with the project so should be another good day with new experiences and new learning opportunities. Please come  over to talk to us when you have the time - and take part in our "outweighing the barriers" exercise.

See you Wednesday!


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For those unfortunate people who were unable to make it yesterday, perhaps due to the traffic issues in the area, I'm sorry to say, you missed a very special Dissemination Event in Newcastle. 

The day was interesting, friendly and most of all extremely thought provoking.  It was fantastic to learn more about and actually see the diverse range of projects in action - all rooms looked fantastic and very innovative! 

The stars of the day without doubt, had to be the amazing 'Twisting Ducks', their lyrics were so personal and very powerful.  We drove home still humming the catchy tunes!  Well done guys you were brilliant! 

Also congratulations to Newcastle College for your help in setting up and for providing the pefect location for this type of project - what you are doing is inspirational and we could tell by the people attending the classes etc, very much appreciated by the local community.  Your warm welome, friendly staff and hospitality and catering were first rate - the pavlova was delicious!

Looking forward to seeing everyone for event 2 in Stratford Upon Avon. 

Theresa and Catherine 

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Dissemination from a suitcase

Had great fun creating this installation for the dissemination events which literally fits in a suitcase:

Fircroft installation for dissemination


Colleagues here are slightly sceptical and it doesn't look very professional. Hopefully that means guests will be comfortable collaborating and adding to it. It gives a visual and colourful introduction to what have ended up as the 3 key elements of our project:

  • defining the skills required to function around Equalitydefinition and Diversity (hence the everyday objects)
  • discrete and embedded activity to develop these skills (represented by the rainbow stands of activity)
  • a new way of measuring this development of attitudes and behaviour (the tape measure)

We'll have 1000 cards to give away with a QR link to our toolkit pages which will be structured to reflect the same key elements. Use your events requirement form to share a room with this work of art, or to distance yourself as far away as possible!

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Equalities Networks – Leadership and business planning workshop

This event was fab.  2 full fab days!  If you missed it...you missed vital info days.  Make sure you book your place for the next event.  See you soon.

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When you write, is everyone straight?

Whether it is managing the Equality and Diversity Innovation Fund (EDIF) for the Skills Funding Agency, or visiting providers on the Education and Training Foundation equalities pop-up tour  or the equalities teaching I do for my own CPDdefinition, much of what I do in my current job is work out what we mean by 'equalities' and then what 'embedding equalities in everything we do' really means for education and training practitioners and organisations: What would it look and feel like? How do we know if we are getting it right? How do we make sure we seek out the next challenge and the next - enjoying the fact that this work about the complexity of the human condition will never be 'done' or 'finished' but we will always keep trying?


This Wednesday (14 May) the #EDIFund projects met in London to plan our Summer 2014 national dissemination events.  My job at this stage is to ensure that our guests at this Summers's dissemination events get the best possible opportunities to find out about the very best thinking, practice and resources which they can then use to benefit their learners in the new  2014/15 academic year and beyond. It's the point on the year where my focus has to shift to understanding and putting our audience at the events centre stage in my thinking.


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Dissemination events

Lots to look forward to with the Dissemination events planned in June and July. The Reach Out Theatre Collective and Stratford upon Avon College are happy to be a part of this and more importantly looking forward to hearing and seeing the amazing projects you have all been working on!
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Dissemination events

Lots to look forward to with the Dissemination events planned in June and July. The Reach Out Theatre Collective and Stratford upon Avon College are happy to be a part of this and more importantly looking forward to hearing and seeing the amazing projects you have all been working on!
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Eat Your Words

This short course encourages students to learn cake decorating skills whilst embracing and interrogating LGBT language in relation to names and labels.  The course is led by artist Lucille Power.


We are using the medium of cake decorating to explore perceptions, language and labels used to describe LGBT people and their lives.  As we learn different ways to decorate cakes, we discuss the power of words.  This will lead to us creating an art-work of cakes iced with words and images we have collected over this short course, which we will invite students and staff to share with us, encouraging people to eat their words.


Session 1 saw us working with glace icing, to create base-layers on cakes, and learning different methods of mixing colours into icing. 


After an initial introduction to and overview of icing types and uses for different design outcomes, we got practical, and created a lot of mess mixing icing, experimenting with colour and consistency, all crucial in the process of icing cakes.