Case Studies

For 6 years, from 2009-2015, the Skills Funding Agency (the Agency) supported ACFE sector providers to meet the Public Sector Equalitydefinition Duty through the following grant funding opportunities:

  • From 2009 to 2013, the Skills Funding Agency and former Learning and Skills Improvement Service grant funded 100 equality and diversity projects (EDI 1definition, EDI 2definition, EDI 3 and EDI 4definition
  • In 2013, the Agency funded a fifth round of grants, administered by NIACEdefinition (now Learning and Work Institute) - the Equality and Diversity Innovation Fund 2013/14 (EDIFdefinition)
  • In 2014, the Skills Funding Agency commissioned The Equalities Challenge Unit (ECUdefinition) to deliver the Equality and Diversity Good Practice Fund 2014/15

As of January 2016, the Agency has not announced equality and diversity grant funding for the academic year 2015/16. The Skills Funding Agency and Education Funding Agency merged in April 2017 to become the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Case studies and resources from EDI 4 (2012/13), EDIF (2013/14) and ECU GPF (2014/15) are all available here on the equalitiestoolkit website.

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EDI 4 case studies       2012/13 EDIF case studies          2013/4
ECU Good Practice Fund      2014/15

EDI 4, EDIF and GPF resources that meet the RRCrowd peer review criteria for 'what makes a good equality and diversity resource' are also in our crowd-curated collection of resources.